Early thirty this morning Hubby left armed with fishing poles and bait. Later he returned home with some lovely catfish. In a short while these were cleaned and fileted, stashed in the fridge for our dinner.
An hour or so ago, I fixed a pan of chili cornbread, made some onion rings, used my ‘Penny’s secret breading on the fish and made the kitchen very warm as the fryer worked to cook a culinary masterpiece. Some fresh tomatoes from the garden and cottage cheese rounded out he plates.
I had good intentions to take photos, but it seems that people were filling plates and making haste to empty them as fast as I could cook.
I finally managed to get two little pieces of fish and some of the accompanying goodies, but I was afraid if I waited to take the picture someone would grab that too and I did NOT want to have to eat a PBJ….
Today is National Milk Shake Day (in case anyone wants to know) and I have the makings for a nice strawberry shake later… I may have to hide away for that too!