This morning, it’s chilly here on Sunrise Ridge.

Searching for today’s entree, I found the freezer held  some nice chicken parts; that suggested a big pot of chicken noodle soup.

The kitchen is steamy with the scent of simmering chicken, carrots, onion and peas are ready to go in after while. A few ‘secret family ingredients’ will be added as things cook.

Gramma always made her noodles, using fresh eggs, flour, baking powder, a little salt and water… rolling them out thin on the counter and letting them dry for a couple of hours before adding to the soup.

Art Ritis is clamoring for attention today, so mine will not be home made. The taste and texture will not be quite the same. I will miss that, but the warm comfort of hot soup on a chilly day will make up for it. At least, I hope so!