This is So hard! We are and have been surrounded by many people and much love, received so many loving messages, but each time the phone rings or someone walks through the door, I seem to realize that it is not Chrysta and never again will it be on this earth.
Not only was she my daughter but one of my best friends…
I know where she is, safe and healthy in the arms of her Savior, but what an empty place she has left here!
When she called me at 12:09 Monday morning saying “Mommy, help me I can’t breathe” of course I slid into my shoes and ran next door to her.
And I couldn’t help. All I could do was hold her and encourage her until the EMS got there.. Brett and I were with her, Hubby had to drive to the highway to direct the EMS personnel in. They went right to work giving CPR and brought her back twice on the way to the hospiral. I know the ER doc and nurses did everything possible too and were so wonderful when we arrived.

Right now it just doesn’t seem to matter
So here we are, me Hubby, Brett, Randy (he sons) and her sisters, surrounded by loving caring hearts, trying to make some kind of sense out of things.