Gifts have been wrapped, placed under the “Charlie Brown ‘ tree that has served us for several years. Lights sparkle, empty stockings are hung. Perhaps they will be filled with the traditional toothbrush, quarter and peppermint stick?

The last homemade candy finished.

We have a few things to deliver to neighbors. A food box or two will be placed on porches. No one needs to know!

The annual requests for recipes have been coming in. I think of the joy passing them along brings me. I hope everyone who asked, makes their favorite and shares with someone.

To all those who requested a recipe, I send along ‘love’, the special ingredient that makes these things such wonders when served.

There is not a lot this year. We don’t really feel like celebrating. Later today, though some of the family will be here, and we will try to grab some of the joy the little ones will bring as eyes light up and happy laughter fills the house.

Next year, wounds won’t be so raw, hearts will have had some time to heal.

And it is not the ‘celebration’ we have but as  the Peanuts comic so well put it:

Really, that  IS what it is all about. Not the tree, the food or the gifts.

May God bless you all and your hearts be bright this Christmas. Oldentimes sends you a wish of LOVE.