cedargrove to bluespring and home 062The old barn was just sitting there in an open space, tempting me and my camera. Yes, deserted as it was, I am guilty of trespassing.

After several shots of the outside and some of the old stalls and empty storage areas, I discovered this somewhat hidden spot inside. In that area was the treasure!

I can see a woman,, long dress, apron and dishtowel in hand, moving cast iron pots, stirring a pan of fried potatoes, pulling hot corn bread from the oven.

There is her husband, filling the canisters on that horse drawn seeder. Getting ready to seed the corn patch for another crop.

A summer of hard work in Ozark hill fields and a trip to the mill…

A circle of time from seed to food and some seed saved to perpetuate the cycle.

Ah, the things we leave behind! Memories or conjectures. Don’t you wish you knew the stories?