As you know, we have been busy here on Sunrise Ridge, garden is coming in and lots of food is going into jars.

Last weekend, Hubby, Brett and I loaded up some pickles and assorted jelly for a trip to the local Farmers Market.

I was amazed with the selection of products from out little rural area. There were chicks and chickens, quail and other poultry, lovely wreaths, a booth of homemade soaps, lots of melons and veggies, jewelry and other crafts, houseplants and homemade baked goods to name just a few.

Friendly folk congregated in the building, passing the time, stopping to chat and purchase the offered wares

We set up our table and placed the jars in what we hoped would be an attractive display.

We even brought along some samples of the pickles to let folks taste the products before buying.

Our venture was successful, we sold all our jams and jellies, most of the pickles and came home with enough ‘profit’ to purchase a couple boxes of jars and necessary ingredients for more of what sold well. Not to mention a few ideas for other things people asked about.

Hubby was rather impressed and mentioned possibly trying a larger market next week when our local one is not open.

I plan to go back, not just to sell my goods, but to enjoy the gathering and the old time fair-like atmosphere  as well.

Do you have a local Farmers Market? Do you support it?