A friend of mine is in the hospital.

This morning, her husband posted on her Facebook wall that he was trying to do laundry in the wringer washer. 

Having had some experience with that, I offered some advice.

The following is an excerpt of the conversation:  S0rt the clothes, fill the washer with water, add detergent, start dasher for a couple of minutes. Add the clothes, start dasher, let it run about 10 minutes for regular laundry, 20if it is really dirty. Run through wringer into rinse tub. Start a new load while you stir and wring the clothes from the tub. Hang the clothes on the line,.


Elizabeth :Thank you Mary Shipman now why is the buttons hanging up is there a trick

Mary Shipman when you get ready to wring fold the buttons and zippers to the inside of the clothes

Elizabeth Lol thanks

Mary Shipman It’s not that hard, just a learning process. You will do fine

Elizabeth Chase When she is down doing it looks soooo easy lol and fun me well this thing might end up eating g my fingers wringing me out haha oh it really make me appreciate all she does

Mary Shipman Use the handle of a wooden spoon if you are afraid of getting your fingers eaten. That is how I taught my kids. wink emoticon