While I think of people east of Sunrise Ridge, contending with winter storm Jonas, freezing rain and blizzard weather, my problem seems so small.

Beware that blue sky today! It is playing a trick.

After several days of snow flying, falling and dancing in the air, looming gray sky, shrouded with clouds this sunny day looks so good!

Wishing to be ‘outside’ enjoying the bright, sparkling air, oh yes! The sunshine hides a bitter wind, and chills colder than the grey!

When I went to break ice and give the chickens fresh water, they crowded in like camels at an oasis, emptying the pan in minutes and clucking for a refill.

The smaller birds flock in to the feeder, puffed up, feathers ruffled, trapping air for insulation.

No, it’s not quite what it seems, but the days are getting longer, and slowly things will turn.