When I was a kid, I often wished to have the power of invisibility.  To be somewhere, but no one else would know. Then as the coke bottle glasses, plain looking, hand me down wearing, very short person in High School, I discovered I had it.

The person the boys asked for advice about other girls, the one who was always last when teams were picked. Yes, that one. If help was needed for homework, I was noticed and a lot of my efforts copied.

I thought after I grew up and married, busy raising children that maybe I was more visible, and for a time I was.  I was ‘Mom’ or Mrs. S to a large number of kids, teachers and school parents, Girl Scout leaders, church people…

Yesterday, I discovered I am, again, invisible! Live-in Grandson asked the general question, “What did you all do today?” when he got home from work.

Hubby regaled him with a tale of his hunting trip, and various other things he had done. Then Hubby  said, “Gramma didn’t do anything but play on her computer all day.”

And you know what, that really hurt my feelings! Maybe I did not do anything ‘great’, but the bed was made, food fixed, laundry done, floors swept and mopped, the chickens and dogs cared for, and worked with the new pup’s training, more food fixed and dishes done up. Every day things that make our small world function.

Apparently, Invisibility is my Super Power. Who knew? And I am not alone.

Consider this, how many ‘invisible people ‘ do you know? Those who do things we take for granted… Parents? Co-workers? Nurses and other workers at nursing homes and hospitals? The person who stocks the shelves at the store? The one who cuts your hair? The fast food crew that made your lunch? The customer service rep you talked with on the phone? There are so many! If they fall down on the job, then their presence will be noted, and probably missed.