It’s once again time for another exciting episode of Friday Fictioneers. The challenge to write a story in approximately 100 words. Our great hostess is Rochelle, follow this link to read other entries and play along.

The prompt is a photo by Marie Gail Stratford.

ff3-31-16 Marie Gail Stratford

I have to admit, this week the challenge was pretty difficult. But I finally managed to tell my story in exactly 100 words.

Thunk, thunk, the chopper blades rattle, our bird comes in over the street.

“There, Charlie, that’s our target.”

“Ray, can you get down? I don’t have a clear shot.”

Turbulence rocks the chopper as Ray tries to bring us lower between the buildings.

“Charlie, they’re on the move, hurry!”

“A little more, I can’t get it!”

The chopper tilts at an angle.

“I got them, Ray!”

A magazine slaps into place, perfect shot, thumb to automatic, press the trigger!

“Charlie Counts, CRCT, here with a live report on the suspects fleeing down Elm Street.”