Yes, like Arnold, I am back with another tale for Friday Fictioneers. J Hardy Carroll provided the photo. Some medical experts, survivors and family  provided the thoughts and Rochelle Wisoff Fields provides the weekly venue. You can click here for other people’s ideas.

Here are my 100 words.

Back for another round

Hidden in this battered hulk

I hear the words repeated once again.

Reliving the morning of multiple tests,

Blood work, x-rays, MRIff 2016-04-08 J Hardy Carroll

Afterward we go out to eat,

Before the meal was done

The phone rings

Three words sink into my soul,

“ mass, referral, biopsy”.

He holds my hand.

Days pass; the voice returns

“Malignant, Chemo, Radiation,”

I’ve heard it before.

But not this,

“40% chance”.

His touch does not comfort.

Time marches on, but I do not

Hairless, staring vacantly

I bow to the inevitable.

An end to pain, hope for peace.

“Hold my hand”.