Prompt picture is from the incomparable CEAyrFF 05-13-16

I must admit that this photo and  random comments from some newscasters led to the following take on this weeks prompt from the shining Rochelle Glowworm for Friday Fictioneers. Every week she challenges us our troop to tell a story in approximately 100 words, where ever the picture takes us.

To see where the glowing lights took others just click on the link below.

REPEAT – until you get it right!

Charlie watched in awe, the glowing object hovered just above the surface of the city. It had arrived a week ago, amid fighting, screaming accusations from many voices, now silent.

Booming, “We the People, in order to form a more perfect union…” repeated over and over.

The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence sounded.

Inside, pods held politicians, multi-millionaires and newscasters. Mouths and media held in comatose captivity.

The Entities would not release them until they learned their position .and returned to the concepts of government ‘for the people’, not their pocket.