Yesterday was ‘Work Day’ at the near-by rural cemetery where several friends, acquaintances and family members rest.

Armed with rakes, shovels, weed-eaters, mowers, chainsaws and trash bags, a fair number of community members showed up to make this resting place look good and set out flags on veterans graves and along the fence. Some were there to help clean and then decorate the graves of their choice.

Decoration day, Memorial Day is next weekend and there will be folks coming to pay their respects to those resting here.

At the business meeting, held in the pavilion, several projects were discussed that hopefully can be implemented in the next year. New fencing, replacing the old outhouse, and better marking of graves.  A recent burial invaded an unmarked child’s grave from longer ago than anyone could remember. New officers selected and a lunch was available.

It seemed to me, that the average age of the participants in this collective work was around 60, a few were well into their 80’s and a couple of 20-somethings might change that figure somewhat.  Mostly, it was the of young people, that were there 30 years ago.

Walking through the resting places, old stones made of concrete mix with granite ranging from simple to fancy. Babies lost to old folk who have shed their pain and so many in between.