Seems like forever since I attempted to write a blog post.

Auto-immune diseases will do that to you. No matter how ‘good’ you feel at the start of a day, by mid-day often your body is ready to make you stop. It is worn out from both inside and out.  Some days walking, even with my cane is more effort than I can handle by afternoon.

At this moment,  I have started a new to me medication which seems to be holding exhaustion and a lot of pain at bay.

Yesterday, Hubby and a grandson were going on a trip to get some parts for the truck. Hubby lured me along with the promise of “I’ll buy you dinner.”

It was a red letter, or perhaps a red mill day. As we passed a sign for Dillard Mill State Historic Site, I mentioned I would like to see it, and we turned in for the short drive to the area.

A nice worker, led us in to see the mill by vehicle instead of the walking path most folks use.