Out in my yard is a ‘blueberry tree’, every year we get plenty of berries to keep the family and some select friends happy.

We have been picking for a week or so and have over a gallon in the fridge.

I called out for help this morning and my grand-daughter-in-law and 3 of the greats arrived about 7:30, ready for work.

Giving the berries one last rinse, the 4 & 5 year olds measured the needed 4.5 cups into a bowl. Seven year old carefully measured sugar into another bowl.

The berries were poured into a stainless steel pan and the three took turns mashing them with a spoon or their hands. (This step requires LOTS of handwashing.)

With careful supervision, 1.3 cup of lemon juice and a box of Sure-jel goes in the pan. Then it is Grand-daughter’s turn, stirring and heating to a boil. While this is going on, the younger three help prepare the half  and quarter pint jars for the finished product.


When the rolling boil is reached, the sugar is dumped in, stirred some more and allowed to boil hard for 1 minute.

Over on the table, jars sit ready and Mom fills them, each child takes a turn handing over a flat and ring for sealing. We had 7 jars, so each got two turns and I had to hand one.


As the jars were placed in the boiling water bath, kids armed with spoons, scraper, and the ‘jelly dipper’, scraped the remains from the pan.

It was a good morning!IMG_0197IMG_0198IMG_0199IMG_0205