So, tell me, how many nearly 70-year-old women trudge out to the woods with a weapon to help provide winter food?

Yesterday, we had venison tenderloin, biscuits, gravy and green beans for dinner.  Compliments of yours truly, and not only the cooking!
I was cooking this meal when I got a visit from the game warden to check on my kill.

Hubby took over the stove duties while I walked the officer out to my spot, showed him where the deer went down and told him the reason I had not got my tag until yesterday morning – because of ‘MEN’ who harass you while standing in line to get them and those who make fun of you because ‘this year you were not planning to hunt with the crossbow’ finally aggravate you enough to go print out your tag.

Last week, I went to get Hubby’s and the man behind me made several snarky and down right men remarks about women hunting, finally asking if I did, I answered ‘yes’, his next remark “Yeah, sure you do!” made me so angry I did not even attempt to purchase mine at the time.

I know he arrived because I got a deer the day I got the tags. We have been watching the wildlife on our game cameras, so have a good idea of the patterns of travel and times they move through. A small buck chose to travel into the path of my crossbow bolt shortly after I got set up.

I even had to show him I could use the crossbow and scope. He seemed to be a bit impressed. I explained Hubby had purchased it last year, and I got pretty good with it, though I did not do it during hunting season.

He wanted to know how long I had been hunting.  The answer – many years!

I told him the big set of antlers in the living room was mine from a few years back. Really? REALLY!

Granted, I had to have help from Hubby and a grandson to get the deer from point A to point B, but nothing is perfect and I do know my limitations.

Anyway, all is well… next time I will try not to ‘get’ a deer the day I get my tags.