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Do you understand EMPTY?

If there is not enough tea, Koolaid, soda left in the container to fill another glass – consider it EMPTY, and make or replenish the supply for the next person. As of today, I too, am going to leave the empty container sit in the fridge and see how long it takes… sadly that may be forever.

If there is only 1/16th of an inch of jelly, a condiment or whatever in the container, – consider it EMPTY!

You should then check the pantry for a replacement and if necessary add the item to the shopping list. You say you want ketchup, I don’t use it, why should I worry about it?

If there are 6 eggs or less in the carton, (that is pretty much ONE breakfast for us) consider that EMPTY, if there is another carton of eggs, write it on the list, if there is NOT, there could be a problem! You need to let the manager know and maybe change your plan!

If there is one slice of bread left in the package, get more from the freezer or consider making biscuits. Everyone here, over the age of 5 knows how to make them and if they are that small there is someone ‘big’ enough to bake them. The recipe is posted on the frieezer door, ingredients in the cabinet above the microwave.

The bathrooms are stocked with necessary items, TP, wipes, soap, toothpaste, clean washcloths and towels… You all know where the ‘replacements’ are. I don’t let those things run out. Just open the cabinet, or do I need to take the door off, so you can’t miss it? Next time I find the tissue roll empty, it will stay that way!

If you get out the last spoon, fork, bowl, plate etc. It is YOUR TURN to wash dishes. RIGHT NOW!

I do the best I can here, but some of this falls in the realm of other peoples responsibility!
Thank you very much and maybe, later on today, I will return … or, maybe I will call someone for take out and find a driver to get there.

Better than ever

Early last summer, I began having issues with my vision. Having spent most of my life wearing ‘Coke bottle’ glasses, I was quite frightened when the receptionist at the Ophthalmologist office said, “You really should come in today, these symptoms could be serious.”

I packed up my trepidations and away we went. It turned out, I needed cataract surgery. That was scheduled for the following week, with a promise of “You will see better than you have ever in your life.”

OK, Doc! I’m in for this! A few days later, one eye is done and the second scheduled for the folowing week. Dark glasses in place, I excitedly await the outcome!

Day two post surgery, sitting on the front porch without glasses for the first time since I was 9 years old, I an thrilled and astonished by being able to discern leaves on the trees and look out across the yard to the garden and actually see, red tomatoes on the plants! Awe, amazement and great rejoicing!

Day 5, I wake up and the eye, even with careful treatment of TLC and the prescribed eye drops at proper intervals, just does not feel right. Of course, it’s SUNDAY, requiring a call to the ansering service and a call back saying “be at the office at 3:00”.

It turned out that there was an issue, so another, more powerful drop is added to the mix and the second surgery postponed.

Eye One continued to heal well, and finally Eye Two had the needed surgery. This time with no recovery problems.

And, guess, what? the doctor was right! I see without glassses, better than I ever remember.

Finally! SNOW!!!

From inside the kitchen, I watched this hawk. I believe he was staking out the bird feeders in the yard. He sat in the flying flakes for quite a while, motionless.

We’ve had a nice coating of freezing rain last night, and finally sno began this morning. I noted when walking to the mail box that there is two inch tall green grass, encased in diamond ice and sprinkled with white glitter.

Farther out, the pines begin to droop with the weight. A drape of icy branches tries to block the view.

Honestly, I’m happy to see some real snow for a change. The last couple of years it’s been sparse. It’s supposed to continue through tomorrow, I don’t have anywhere I must go. It’s all good!

I think there might be some snow ice cream in my future.

And the battle is long

About a year ago, Hubby was diagnosed with dementia. It wasn’t ‘bad’, just more forgetful, and sometimes he would get so focused on something that it would be the only thing he could concentrate on.

A year has passed, x-rays, tests every few months, medications… The medications slow progression, what’s lost is ‘gone’. The tests show how the condition is progressing.

I don’t need those tests. I see. When he looks at me, trying to remember how to work the microwave. When he has to be reminded to shower, “Didn’t I just do that”?

As his skills and abilities decrease, and his needs for cues, clues and assistance grow, frustration does too.

He gets angry because he can’t remember or do things and I get angry because I feel like my life is imploding, turning me into a nagging shrew.

Gain or Loss?

When we first moved to the Ozarks, back in 1959, many of the people here still used the old dialect too. Many Ozarkians were transplanted from Appalachia. As I grew older and attended high school, teachers tried to correct us into American English.

As an adult, moving around the US and raising a family, we ran into many other accents, pronunciations, idioms and dialects. Those too were added to our family speech.

For the most part, we have been homogenized into the main stream. After many years, we returned to the Ozarks, and discovered the people don’t talk as I remember. I find myself often missing the aproned or overall (overhaul) clad elders and the music of the language they used.

What you might do, if you have the flu

Before the sun came up this morning, a knock sounded on our door. There he was, our woodsman neighbor, Izzy Wright! It’s been a while sinch he’s been by.

Izzy is one of those who still lives much off the land and stays away from town folk and their ‘silliness’ as much as possible.

In a rare trip to town, he had heard I had the flu, and in an inside pocket of his tattered coat had brought me a bottle of his “guaranteed” medicine.

And so, from the old home remedies we have
Elderberry Elixir
Yes, it’s a thing, and good for colds and flu.
1 C fresh or 1/2 C dried elderberry
3 C water
1 C raw honey, (local is best if you can)
1 – 2 tsp turmeric
1 cinnamon stick*
1 Tbs powdered ginger*
2-3 whole cloves*
*Spices optional, but recommended
In a saucepan, combine elderberry, water and spices and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 20-30 minutes. Once liquid has reduced, mash the berries to release their remaining juices. Allow the mixture to cool and then strain. Squeeze or press out the mash to get the last remaining bits of goodness. Combine with raw honey and bottle. (Do not combine with honey when mixture is hot. You will lose the benefits of the raw honey). This elixir will keep about a month in the fridge.
Dosing? We try to do it with 1 or 2 Tbsp. every 4 hours if you are ill or 2 Tbsp once a day for prevention.
Often mix the dose in some green tea or warm lemonade.

Izzy also says that a little ‘strong drink’ (I suspect moonshine from his hidden still) makes this emven more effective, “cause it’ll let you rest.”

I am always interested in odd things, this led to a calendar that lists both serious and somewhat odd holidays.

And the holidays for January 20 are:

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday , celebrated on the third Monday, a man who dreamed of a day of peace on earth, goodwill to men.

National Buttercrunch Day ?

National Cheese Lover Day, this one is easy to celebrate. My refrigerator holds cream cheese, American Cheese, Gouda, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and colby jack.

Penguin Awareness Day It’s easy to be aware of penguins today, the weather is COLD and we may finally get a few snowflakes.

What would you celebrate?

It’s for the Children

I would like to send a shout out to Childrens Hospitals.

Back in the 1980’s I had my first encounter with the totally dedicated, incredible doctors, nurses and other staff at a Childrens Hospital. My youngest child was being treated in the oncology ward.

In the years since, I have run into others whose children were treated, at many Children specific hospitals around the country. St. Jude, Boston’s Floating Hospital, St. Louis Childrens among others.

Currently, I have a baby niece in NICU in a childrns hospital here in MO. Born ten weeks early and having already had brain surgery, she is doing well.

There is also a nephew, there for a neck fracture that happened oin a vehicle accident. Yesterday was his 4th birthday, and he recieived a visit from his favorite hero Batman. He now has his custom made immobilizer and should be home today.

These are minor things in the day of those doctorsand nurses and of course, not all cases turn out well. I tip my hat and give a shout to all of you.

How did that happen?

Daughter Tara, presented a challege the other day. She’d found a link for an afghan project for us to do.

Tara is doing the knit afghan. I recently gave away most of my knitting supplies and a large stash of yarn. However, I kept a crochet hook and some worsted yarn to give my hands something to do while watching TV.

In the God sees a need, or odd coincidences category, Grandson Brett bought me a fine set of hooks for a Christmas gift. Crochet will be my method.

My home scholed neighbor age 15, is joining me in crafting this one, so it won’t be just a TV time project. Another coincidence, or gift from God, she arrived bearing a gift of arthritis compression gloves.

Those gloves are, for me a miracle. Donning them, I found some pain relief in minutes!

#lionbrandyarn #mylifeinyarn #travelingafghans #travelingcrochetafghan #travelingknitafghan 

Little known holidays Jan. 6

Did you know, one day last week was National Spaghetti Day? Or, that January 6 is National Cuddle Day and National Bean Day?

Those don’t seem to go together very well. I’m not sure I would want to cuddle someone who had eaten a lot of beans.

The sun is up, gilding the treetops on Sunrise Ridge, bright and beautiful. When I filled the feeders, the sky was alight with gentle pink clouds against the fading darkness.

Now, birds, bright and sober colors, are vying for the seeds. Their antics bring some cheer into the kitchen as I watch.