Daughter Tara, presented a challege the other day. She’d found a link for an afghan project https://www.twoofwands.com/travelingafghans?fbclid=IwAR1tRDyvz1ZMiEEQIhociEF8UvLnGNdWvWhCiq32Zx9iyJGGeCcQn5hvRM0 for us to do.

Tara is doing the knit afghan. I recently gave away most of my knitting supplies and a large stash of yarn. However, I kept a crochet hook and some worsted yarn to give my hands something to do while watching TV.

In the God sees a need, or odd coincidences category, Grandson Brett bought me a fine set of hooks for a Christmas gift. Crochet will be my method.

My home scholed neighbor age 15, is joining me in crafting this one, so it won’t be just a TV time project. Another coincidence, or gift from God, she arrived bearing a gift of arthritis compression gloves.

Those gloves are, for me a miracle. Donning them, I found some pain relief in minutes!

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