I would like to send a shout out to Childrens Hospitals.

Back in the 1980’s I had my first encounter with the totally dedicated, incredible doctors, nurses and other staff at a Childrens Hospital. My youngest child was being treated in the oncology ward.

In the years since, I have run into others whose children were treated, at many Children specific hospitals around the country. St. Jude, Boston’s Floating Hospital, St. Louis Childrens among others.

Currently, I have a baby niece in NICU in a childrns hospital here in MO. Born ten weeks early and having already had brain surgery, she is doing well.

There is also a nephew, there for a neck fracture that happened oin a vehicle accident. Yesterday was his 4th birthday, and he recieived a visit from his favorite hero Batman. He now has his custom made immobilizer and should be home today.

These are minor things in the day of those doctorsand nurses and of course, not all cases turn out well. I tip my hat and give a shout to all of you.