It’s been so long, so much has gone on. Of course, things have changed, things do.

Learning to live with auto-immune diseases and watch a partner of 50+ years slide into several health issues has been the adventure. No energy left for much else. Then realization! If I intend to remain a person, I have got to reach out in whatever way I can.

Hiding away, a social life much diminished, the responsibilities ofbeing a care giver takes a toll. Suddenly you realize the phone doesn’t ring, except reminders for appointments or robo-calls.

No one stops by, they never know if you will be home or if it’s a good time. You know you are lonely, but what can you do?

So I am coming back here, to try to re-start my blogging effrts. If no one reads it, at least I have done something.

Thank you and have a good day