My dear husband is suffering from dementia. With it, besides the forgetting, confusion and frustration, is obsession with ideas.

Recently, there has been a camper and the remote at this point idea of a long cross country trip. With everything going on, that is not likely to happen at this time, but it does not matter to him.

We are going. That’s his plan! That’s what he expects to happen. It’s getting harder to distract him from his fixations.

He’s also focused on Coronavirus and convinced that it is going to kill us both. We are locked down! How will we go on a trip? Who knows. I certainly have no idea.

The newscasts he spends hours watching predict gloom and doom, he thinks by getting away we will protect ourselves.

I’m just tired, and lonely and it’s making me depressed. Depression is my enemy too. So I am fighting battles on several fronts.

Buck up, go on, be as positive as possible. As Gram used to say, “this too, shall pass”.