Great-grand Sarah, has been in the kitchen with me from an early age. Now seven, she has mastered many basics.

Recently, her father proposed to a lovely young woman, Karlie. They were here one evening for dinner and no desert had been prepared.

Hints were rampant from the males in the place that a pie would be nice. Karlie, it a good cook, I don’t want anyone to think otherwise, but she had never made a pie.

I mention we have refrigerator crust..

Sarah goes to the kitchen “Karlie, we are going to make a pie.”

“Now, we need 6 apples.”, Sarah counts them out, sitting them on the table.

Karlie washes at the sink, then washes apples and follows instructions for getting the peeler and apple corer.

Sarah gets the big bowl out and carefully talks Karlie through Sugar, spices, and proper combining. “You can’t mix it hard, it breaks the apples.

The oven, of course is taken care of by Karlie, Sarah can’t reach the control, but she can get out the pie pan and take care of the bottom crust.

Soon the filling is added, supervised by Sarah in her bright orange apron. Now the top crust and instructions for crimping. The vents looked like hearts.

And again, the seven year old chef tells us, “you gotta put some egg and sugar on top”. I explain egg wash and tell her where to find the pastry brush.

“Karlie, you have to put it in the oven, it’s too hot for me to touch. In about an hour, there was apple pie.

There were proud bakers and very happy eaters.