I got up this morning, which is a good thing. The day may come when I can’t, but that is not today’s issue.

I had my coffee, read my Bible and started all as usual. Hubby got up, and I went to the bedroom to do the things I do every day.

When I walked in there and looked at the unmade bed, I thought for a moment, Does it matter? I mean, really, does it? Of course not! If I make up the bed, or not, the world will not change drasticly. There will be no one but us to see.

I made the bed anyway. if for no other reason than habit. And I felt a bit better. I’ve done something. Here’s a spot of something I control, something I have power over today!

Then, getting dressed, once again, why bother? What does it do? Who will see? No one is going to ‘see’ other than the others self-isolating in this house.

But I got dressed, why? for the same reason I made the bed.

We have so little right now we can control. It’s the little things, the routines that we can control, that are going to help us keep our world in place.

I looked at the plants on the table by the bed, the aloe, Christmas Cactus, Poinsettia and others, a glance at the seedlings, tomato and pepper in the living room window. Are they concerned about the possibility of covid-19. No! They will grow, despite the disease, as long as they are watered and nurtured.

I’m going to continue doing what I do, that’s water. I will try to be up-beat and encouraging. That’s nurture, for myself and hopefully for others.

And that, really, is why I bother.