Earlier today I posted on Facebook, something about if you needed to be alone right now with all the self-quarantine, you could go wash dishes or clean the kitchen, I didn’t mention cleaning the bathroom, but no one ever bothers me then either,

The post, meant to be humorous, was met with this comment: “Cleaning is a never ending job. So right now no excuse from not having a clean house. And kids should be being taught how to clean their rooms and make their beds and chores daily. What a great time for learning things they have never had to learn”

And maybe I’m too sensitive, but it really hit me in the feels as my grandkids say.

Unless you have walked a mile or so in someone else’s shoes, don’t be telling them ‘they have no excuse’ for whatever.
If a person is not doing things’your way’ it does not mean they are not doing the best they can within their means and abilities.

Two of the people on my FB friends list have large families, with toddlers, in the midst of raising the little ones home schooling the older ones and working at essential positions in industry, food service and health care, they are stretched pretty far right now.

I am imuno compromised, my husband is immuno-compromised, deaf and has dementia, my house may not be as clean as yours because I cannot do it. But we are all healthy, within our parameters. I’ll accept that as OK.

I can’t get a hair cut, unless I do it myself. I might be shaggy, but It will be OK.

We don’t go to the doctor, they now call us. We are not sick, and that’s OK
It’s hard to shop, one in, one out, and things missing from shelves, call in an order and pick it up. I’m saving money, and that’s OK.

I’m staying home, I miss friends and family, but I have internet, so even that is OK.

I have all the things I need, and a lovely porch to sit on and contemplate how blessed I am, so that’s the way it is. Just like most of the people I know we are doing our best to be our best.

I think I can make it. A positive attitude is going to get us a lot farther right now than dwelling on the black abyss we have before us