This morning, as dawn’s early light was climbing Sunrise Ridge, I took myself and my coffee to the porch. Meditation time, away from the distractions inside.

Today, Old Glory was twisted into an odd configuration, especially since there was no breeze.

Closer inspection showed a spider had woven the flag into its web during the night.

I left it alone, some spiders can carry a nasty bite, until better light prevailed.

After ‘good daylight’, I went out again, the web seemed deserted. I flipped the flag attempting to pull it away from the sticky strands.

A large spider, with gray and yellow stripes sped up the web to the rafters!

As the flag opened, I knew it was a lady, for there in the folds was her egg sac.

Have I been visited by some of the famed Charlotte’s descendants? Am I responsible for the next generation of spiders?