On an early morning recently, we were out and about at 7:30.

The weatherman had stated that in the direction we had to go there was ‘spotty fog’ and in some places, ‘visibility of 1/10 mile.

Yes, we drove in and out of pockets of fog, sometimes dense, sometimes thin and just a mist and then into clear sunlit space.

Why does she carry on so, you may be askin? Because I found in this fog a similarity to what is going on in my husband’s brain.

The moments of total clarity. ‘We are going to do this.’ ‘ Today is Wednesday’.

The questions that repeat multiple times a day. ‘Where is my (fill in blank)?’ ‘When is our next appointment?’ ‘Did the kids check in yet?’ All of these only to be asked again in 10 minutes.

The fear and frustration when something is totally hidden in the fog. At a restaurant, not being able to find the restroom or return to the table. Unfamiliar places are hard to navigate. Thankfully the staff graciously helped out.

Yes, dementia is a fog. But it will eventually be so heavy and thick the sun may not come through at all.