Every week Friday Fictioneers posts a photo chosen by Rochelle Wisoff Fields. She challenges writers and would be writers to concoct a story in 100 words. The photo comes from J Hardy Carroll, a contributor of stories as well as pictures.

Some weeks a story unfolds quickly, sometimes I can’t come up with an idea.

This week I had a flash of insight:

All That Glitters

Rita shuffled along, pushing the cart that holds all her belongings. Casting her eyes around the street. Looking always for authority figures and trying to avoid them.

The beat cop is headed this way! Rita steps back into a doorway.

Happy Tymes Gym, the door says. She looks in, women sweat, moving to music, stretching, in a world far away.

She opens the door, grabbing four purses and a backpack.

Hidden in a black trash bag she walks down the street,

“Good morning, Officer Freeman.”

“Morning, Rita.”

Down the block and back into her alley hideaway.

100 words