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there is companionship on the journey

I have found another Alzheimer’s related blog.

There are many others wandering around in this deadly mist, and many bloggers sharing the journey. Good to know I am not as alone as I often feel!

I’m looking for beacons right now. Things have moved from independence to a cane and sometimes, wheeled walker, from careful of bodily needs to needing to change sheets and mop the bedroom pretty much daily. Maybe they will improve again, maybe not.

My heart aches – a lot. Sharing with family is hard, how much does everone really need to know?

This past week, a doc apppointment. I did not even try to get him to ‘dress’. Just put on some clean pajamas. Words I never expected to say!

This has happened in a matter of weeks. We do have home help, even with that this is a rough road.

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Two years ago
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this week

Friday Fictioneers 12/18/20 – effigies

It’s Wednesday, but time once again for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to issue the Friday Fictioneers challenge.

This week the photo prompt comes fron Sandra Crook.

Our challenge. to tell a story in 100 words or less.

Here is my entry for this week.

See him, wearing the same clothes for the past several days

Arguments over bathing, getting up from the recliner, except late evening, when pacing takes over.

No shutting down, the blaring TV sound echoes throughout the house. Unceasing clamor.

What will we eat? When will we eat? Who is that? What do you want? Often asked questions. Maybe the only ones that matter.

Meeting each challenge, each day, till exhaustion takes a toll, this care giver fades even faster than the Alzheimers takes her partner.

Effigies, lost in this maze of life.

Days of dreams

Yes, it’s time for Friday Fictioneers. The challenge a story in 100 words, issued by the multi-talented Rochelle Wisoff Fields and the photo this week is from Roger Bultot.

So here is my story.

Steve sat at the table nearly every day, a cold sandwich and drink in the bag beside him.

Watching the new construction at the amusement park. A former ‘Carnie’, now out of work due to the pandemic. So many others too, waiting for this park to open, praying their skill and experience would mean that job they needed.

He’d heard you could apply on-line; what ever that meant. He could run all the rides, and shill most games, but the internet? That was a mystery he couldn’t solve.