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Plans awry, plans complete

I shall be a wild widow, and probably very weary over the next few weeks.

Hubby, Tom, and I had planned a multi-state trip several years ago, following my great-great grandfathers last prospecting journey from Nebraska to Idaho.

Thursday of this week, youngest daughter, two grands (14 & 5) and two greats (8 & 9) and I, along with some of Tom’s ashes will be travelling that route.

We have a three week journey planned following GGG’s diary entries and a few side trips, (How could we resist Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore?)

Tomorrow, I go to see a surgeon about a major procedure which will take place after we return and have Tom’s memorial service in July. It must be done.

Hopefully the bone graft will ‘take’ and I will be well enough to take another grandson on his first deer hunt in November – bcause Grampa promised.

I have not been out hunting in several years, but will sit in the blind and encourage if at all possible

Time heals?

It’s been two months since March 10, 4:09 AM, when Tom’s grip on my hand loosened and I knew he’d gone away.

I thought I was doing pretty well, ’til this morning. At any rate doing things, making it from sun up to sun down.

The house, empty as my heart – no other footsteps.

The silence, deafening as a Chinese gong – echoing on and on.

I woke up to the empty space beside me on the bed…Tears wet my face, I just don’t care today

I’m still pretty broken, maybe forever…