THe epic trip began well.

Day one, reached our goal of Beatrice, Nebraska. With a lot of enthusiasm and more than a little energy, we went to Homestead National Monument.

The kids buzzed like bees working to complete the booklets for their Junior Ranger badges.

i wobbled along with my cane to become a Not So Junior Ranger.

We spent three days in the area around Grand Island Nebraska. My family, both sides had homes in the area when I was a child, we looked for them, examined cemeteries, and spent several hours at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer.

Daughter and kids toured the business side of town, while I chose to your the restored homes on a side street.

I stopped at a bench on the street, and met by the rest of the group was escorted to the Mercantile.

There, I was greeted as “Gramma” by the storekeeper, and treated to a lot of old time ( oh, I grew up with that) toys. Several continued the journey with us.

i may have overdone a bit, the town marshall escorted me out of town, kindly carrying my bag.