Fathers Day weekend.

As a family, we’ve dreaded it, the first one without the patriarch, teacher, mentor.

There had been promises made, last winter, when Hubby was still up and about; yes, we will be shooting the guns.

I’ll help you with the bows.

I got these 4-wheelers for the kids to ride.

A small boy cried in my arms when Hubby passed, that those things would not happen. I said they would.

Saturday was a fine day, I got on the scooter, my yard transportation right now and accompanied by that small boy and several cousins we had lessons in gun handling and finally shooting.

Older grandsons had got the 4-wheelers out and ready, so they took turns learning to manage those.

Sunday, another grandson, this one a.memberof his school archery team, took over, showing the group how to use both long and compound bows and valiantly attempting to have everyone hit the target.

Hubby may not be here physically, but his spirit is still here on Sunrise Ridge.

New generation, passing on the knowledge he left to yet another group.

Thats what Life is about. Happy father’s day