> Is it Autumn or Christmas??????

Monday was quilt guild meeting. Our family was well represented, me, 2 daughters, granddaughter and a nephew in attendance. Also have another daughter and a grandson who quilt, but were not there.
I am proud of my ‘quilting family’! They are very talented and creative.

Our new BOM is one we all really liked and the colors are “autumn”. We bought fabric after the meeting and cut out block “kits” for 6 blocks, all alike! After we got started, we thought maybe the colors were more Christmas-y than autumn, but the apple theme is autumnal, so we will use them anyway.

I liked it so well that I already made more blocks with the same pattern and colors – just in case I don’t win the blocks at the meeting LOL! I wonder what the reaction will be when they get 6 identically patterend blocks in the mix?? Oh well, it’s what we wanted to do, and we did it. I may make a couple more in more traditional autumn fabrics, just for fun, and to add to the drawing. Someone may as well get a lot of blocks!
We were supposed to also make one block in patriotic colors for our Quilts of Valor project, so I made one of them using only 3 fabrics instead of 4. I was pretty impressed with the result of that too. I am going to share what I used for the focus fabric in the patriotic block with those in the family who want to make a patriotic block too.
At the guild meeting I was invited by one of our guests to her hand quilting group. I am excited about that, and hope to be able to attend.