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Friday the 13th

From a photo prompt a story in 100 words or less is the challenge. Here is mine in less than 80 words.

“Dare you!” Ranger yelled, racing along the picket fence to the corner. “Scaredy-cat!”

The taunts hit Jarod like licks to the gut, he knew he had to do it. Ranger raced back, shoving Jarod to the gate.

Slowly, Jarod pushed the gate open, sidling to the porch and up the stairs. As he pushed the door open, bright light flashed and he disappeared.

“Ha!” snapped Ranger, “Another one! I wonder where they go?”

Yes, it is almost Friday once again, and that means it is time to write that 100 words more or less that tells somethng about the picture that Madison Woods so kindly posts each week. For links to other posts or to learn more about the fictioneers, click right here and go to Madison’s blog:

More than likely, you will be glad you did

Summer Afternoon

“Look”, he exclaimed. “See that log on the trail? I fell there, ’bout gave up!”

I silently nod at his tale.

“That dip, I figured my ankle wuz spraint.”

We sat on the hilltop, sun warming our backs.

He studied bare stubbed toes, Knees peeking though tattered jeans.

He reached for his pack.

“I’m hongry”, no mention of sharing.

Nuts, fruit, a bottle of drink.

Eight year old runaway…

I bark, wag my tail and lead the way home.

Yes! I like hats, and I wear hats…

This ‘hat’ picture goes with the previous post.  This is grandson Dalton, quite obviously on a mission of his own making.

It is probably one of those pictures he will not want me to show his friends or fiancee in future years, but I love it and all the memories that go with it!

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  Once again, one photo will not do the job for this prompt, so I must post a few… Sorry about that, well, no I really am not.

These all mean love to me. I hope you enjoy the slideshow.

and of course, there is always food

Of course the first thing that comes to mind for the prompt ‘bottle’  is something like this. Great-grandson, Parker, has been visiting and baby bottles are pretty easy to find here right now!

I had another idea too, I have a half-pint Shipman’s Dairy bottle filled with marbles and a couple of old glass soda bottles that have turned up. I am rather fond of them, all three are displayed in the sewing/computer room on a shelf.

Here is how we make Easy Fried pies:  1/4 cup butter, (margarine, Crisco) 1 cup all purpose flour, 3 Tblsp hot milk, 1 egg yolk. BZlend together as any pie crust.  Roll out small portions of dough to about the size of a saucer. place 2=3 Tblsp pie filling near center or circle and fold over. Seal edges well. Fry in deep fat  (300 degrees) until golden brown. Glaze while still warm if desired with a thin powdered sugar glaze. The recipe is about right for one can of pie filling.

Grandson Brett helped make these delicious blueberry fried pies. Hubby and other guests applauded and asked for ‘more.’ That is why there are only four in the picture. I think that proves they are delicious.

>It isn’t only quilting


These are two of the grand boys, DD#3’s oldest 2, wearing their Indian costumes.
We made them for Halloween.
The boys had different ideas but when they saw the Indian costume I had made a couple of years ago for another grand boy, that was the choice.
We made them last night and today. The boys seem to be pretty pleased with the results. The little one looks ready to spring into a dance in the picture
I managed to use up quite a bit of ‘scrappage’, and we made matching ‘treat bags’ to go with them.
It was a busy day!