Category: Give Thanks – A Challenge

A friend posted this idea, TY Barbara, and I thought I would do it too. This is a small list of all the many things I am thankful for, I tried to come up with two for each letter. Take a few minutes and think of all the blessings you have too.
A – Art, Attitude
B – Beauty, Bible
C – Cooking, Caring
D – Decisions, Delights
E – Energy, Excitement
F – Fun, Family and friends
G- Growth, God
H – Health, Happiness
I – Inventions, Intelligence
J – Joy, Jesus
K – Kindness, Kites
L – Light, Love
M – Miracles, Mountains
N – Notions, Networks
O – Order, Options
P – Prayers, Peace
Q – Quier times, Quilting
R – Reading, Rights as an American Citizen
S – Supply, Simplicity
T- Trials, Teachers
U – Untried possibilities, Unity
V – Vexations to overcome, Vision
W – Words, Work
X – X-rays to keep me healthy, Xylophones and all music
Y – Yaks and all living things. You my dear friends
Z – Zippers, Zaniness

I am thankful for forgiveness.

I am thankful today for hope, encouragement and faith. You cannot see or touch these things, you cannot buy or sell them. They are, however, as necessary to our survival as food and water.
There is a great deal of all three in my life, and I pray that I make an example of passing them on to others.

I am thankful for my five senses, the ability to listen and hear, to see, to smell, taste and touch. What a great gift God gave me. Five ways to appreciate life.

I am thankful today for the quiet times.
Moments of beauty and contemplation, prayer and planning, taking a break from what is going on to enjoy the serentity and peace.

I am thankful for what I can do…for myself and for others, and what others do for me. Simple things, but nonetheless important.

I am thankful for those who give up their ‘holiday’. For many years, working in health care, I saw this example of unselfish love and action.
While many argued and cajoled to have a specific day off, there were some who would volunteer to work.
It is not only health care, but other occupations that keep us up and running. Someone has to be there to see it through.
To those of you who ‘cover’ those days. Thanks for your giving, loving spirits! Not just for doing your job on holidays, but for doing it!
This may sound redundant, I have thanked ‘service workers’ already. This is not so much for the work they do, but for the generosity of their hearts.

Today, I am thankful for communication, for words spoken and written. For the thoughts they share and the stories the impart. Face to face, or on a page, communication brings and holds us together, creates our history, teaches and gives us new ideas.

I am thankful conveniences I often take for granted.
I have cooked on a wood stove and had wood heat in the past. TV was something you went to a neighbors home to watch. The washer was an old square tub Maytag, and the water did not come from a tap. but a hand pump at the cistern.
A phone was available at another neighbors
Now all of those things, plus calculators, microwaves, computers and internet are all availale in my home, for me to use and enjoy.

On this day I give thanks for Freedom!
For all who have served and all who support. No matter who or where. You who have protected that in time of war or peace!
From the brave souls who put their name on the Declaration of Independence on, men and women have believed in establishing and protecting a country which offers freedom of speech, assembly, to protect ourselves and to choose those who lead us.
An experiment in democracy.
For this, I am very thankful!