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When our daughter passed away, in 2014, all her craft and quilting supplies were put away. This summer, in an effort to scale down some of the fabric stash and clutter in my craft area, I came upon the boxes and bags filled with her work.

Yes, I grieved again, while trying to decide what should be done with all this. Embroidery, crewel work and quilt blocks. Part of them went into a box to be passed on. I do not do embroidery or crewel work and never will. A disabled friend of a friend does and I know it will be appreciated there.

The quilt blocks and fabric remained, staring at me every time I went in the room. Finally, inspiration struck. I got out some of the blocks and started quilts for each of her three grand children.

I truly worked long and thought hard, since the children are three, four and six years old. Will they understand and cherish them? I do hope so.

But there were other blocks left, a small wall-hanging or lap quilt for each sister? Yes. Those are  in the works. And one for each of her two sons ‘on the drawing board’.

It hurts some to think of trips to buy fabric and all the fun we had in the planning, knowing she never got to see the fruit of this lavor. There are more than a few teardrops on some of the blocks.

Ir’s hard work, but it is bringing me comfort, as I hope it will to the recipients.

If a person wanted to start my brain boiling in confusion, they would say ‘black and white’!

A person who spends a lot of time doing crafts, making quilts, cooking good meals, and trying to make  their words into pictures for others to ‘see’, has a problem with ‘black and white’. Or at least I do! My brain sees in COLOR! Bright, vivid, flamboyant color.

I finally came up with something… it’s an older picture, but it is something I love and use often. When I’m not using it, it is on the back of the chair for anyone who comes by to see that there is a little ‘black and white’ in my colorful world. I used my embroidery machine to make the ‘ladies’ and a pattern from a friend for the top of this lap robe size quilt that shares my world, keeping me toasty warm on a cool evening, wrapping a sleepy toddler or tucking in a grandchild who is ‘sleeping over’

Today’s photo prompt is ‘bedside’.

This morning our daughter, grandson and a nephew arrived after a 750 mile drive through much of the storm ravaged states to the east of us. They were all pretty worn out from the trip.

After a good old fashioned ‘southern’ breakfast of bacon, eggs and hashbrowns, daughter snuggled up in the recliner with a quilt. At her ‘bedside’, a snack of Coke and some dried fruit when she wakes up.

Recently, I made a lap quilt for oldest daughter.  While she was here, we spent a couple of evenings knitting, I gave her some yarn, needles and instruction. She was getting the idea and making good progress. Yesterday in a comedy of errors and an attack of Murphys famous law, things did not work out as planned for her trip home.  We spent the late afternoon getting things moved from where they were stored to our place, since she could not get a U-haul.

Last night, she was packing her bags, moving things around, cramming and wrestling. I asked what the problem was, she stated that the quilt and knitting were going HOME with her, even if her clothes had to stay here.

Words that make a mother proud!

Her car was packed, and I mean PACKED, the items safely inside and on the way to North Carolina.

Yesterday, while out  to visit with my dad, Niece Lee and I stopped by to see her mother and grandmother.

Had a nice visit with  them and was happy to see the lap quilt I had made a few years back for Grandma Alta in use.

I was told it goes with her everywhere, and is one of her favorite things.

The quilt was an early adventure in using several techniques and turned out pretty well for my skills at the time. 

The alternate blocks are log cabin with assorted pansy prints.


This pattern is called ‘improved nine patch’. A lady in one of the nursing homes I worked at, had made one and I was very impressed with the design.
I did not make this one completely, it was partially finished and it is vintage fabric. When I came upon it, I could not resist. I did finish it, and learned a lot about doing curved seams. It is small, about 45 inches square, so will be a lap robe to snuggle under when DH turns the air conditioning up too cool to suit me, and this fall when it’s too warm for heat and too cool for comfort. I plan to hand quilt it.