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Yesterday, while out  to visit with my dad, Niece Lee and I stopped by to see her mother and grandmother.

Had a nice visit with  them and was happy to see the lap quilt I had made a few years back for Grandma Alta in use.

I was told it goes with her everywhere, and is one of her favorite things.

The quilt was an early adventure in using several techniques and turned out pretty well for my skills at the time. 

The alternate blocks are log cabin with assorted pansy prints.


I found the idea for this block on the net, through a group I belong to. It was one of those “I just have to make one to see it ” kind of blocks. The original block was a bit different so I call mine the 2-step.
Using up some scraps, I made 4 blocks for a medallion center for a small quilt. This would be the ‘beaches and boats’ 2-step.
I think I will machine embroider some seashells around the border to help carry out the nautical theme of the blocks.


This quilt was made for DD1, Chrysta. It graces the back of her couch.

She helped pick out the fabrics and I made it at a class at Melear’s, taught by Emma Troyer, using Eleanor Burns ‘Log Cabin in a Day’ book in 2006.

It was machine quilted with a leaf pattern that goes well with the ‘forest’ motif of the fabrics.

Chrysta works full time and home schools her 2 sons, so has limited spare time and just recently has taken up quilt making.

About a month ago she got a sewing machine and her ‘starter’ supplies for quiltmaking.

She and son Brett are working on a bargello pattern top.