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I often post photos in a ‘photo a day group’ on Facebook. Each day has a topic, and folks are allowed to interpret it and post their own pictures.
Today’s topic was ‘tiny’ and I posted this picture:
clearwater lake trip 128tiny flowersA
I looked in my “Missouri Wildflower’ book and did not find a ‘match’, so I indicated that in my post about the picture.
This is how things work: A lady in the UK posted that she thought the flower was called ‘speedwell’.
My daughter in California looked it up and sure enough, the flower is speedwell.
I found this very interesting, as long ago ancestors arrived at Plimouth on a ship called the Speedwell.
And that, friends, is ‘how things work’ sometimes…

pups, cardinal 005a
Looking out my kitchen window I was treated to this posing cardinal.
The dirty window and the screen kind of detracted from picture quality, but I still wanted to share it.

Today, four friends gathered to make quilt ‘tops’.
One of the group had already made one so helped us with the new ‘tools’ and ‘techniques’ needed to turn fabric and ‘thread’ into something beautiful and when finished, will no doubt keep someone ‘toasty’ warm.
Information on making our tops can be found here:
Here is one of my blocks, called Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star.
hunter star 001

about the place, deer cam, snapper 032First of all, this challenge was met with laughter. The nearest ‘street’ would be the county highway, a bit over a mile from my house.

These days, our street, finally designated a county road for purposes of 911 identification and more recently mail delivery is still ‘an old dirt road’. It has progressed from a set of parallel tire tracks wending through the woods, to a solid dirt road, in most places wide enough to allow two vehicles to travel without danger.

That stops at my driveway and the two tracks continue off toward the barn and beyond, still leading a few four-wheeler riders and horseback riders to adventure. Most of the time though, a vehicle arrives here with guests or someone lost. And you can’t depend on getting here using GPS, it will take you down the wrong turn off about a quarter mile away. A few years ago we had some issues with census takers, one who insisted we actually lived somewhere else.

The county comes out from time to time and runs the grader or adds gravel to the surface when weather takes a toll. So I chose a photo of work being done, back in July.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing living out here at the end of the road!


First of all this is not truly ‘mine’. At least not in the sense that I ownit, but it is mine, because it is THERE.

For over 50 years, Alley Spring has held a special place in my heart and life.

A family excursion back when they still milled on occassion, as a state park, a favored destination for class trips, Senior Day, and yes, dating.

Now a part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, which several includes other ‘favorite spots ‘.

I am thankful for the work done  to protect and preserve this beautiful part of the country, and appreciate the breauty that abounds.

More photos can be found in the post day 050Come visit, go away with lovely memories. Just like I have.




I love the Irish Chain pattern and this color combination of purples and greens.

It’s August, here in Missouri, that means it is getting time for school to begin.

I took this picture of the school bell at Storey Creek School located in the Ozark National  Scenic Riverways at Alley Spring back in March. I liked the concept that school bells will ring in the future of the children and shape the direction of their lives.

‘Messy’ is the word of the day. Here is one of the grandkids after some roughhousing in the yard eating an Ice popImage. Note  the old sock over the hand for protection from drips and chilly fingers.

The prompt for August 7 was 8 o’clock. Luckily we arrived at the river at 7:56 giving me time to get out of the truck and snap a photo at 8 AM!

The prompt for August 8 was’ glasses’.

From our camping place I got to enjoy the river through my rose colored glasses as the sun came up.