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Write a letter to a landscape or scene you pass through today (or often). This is the challenge for July 16.

Karen Nelson has the information on her blog, along with links to other participants posts

One of my favorite places along ‘my river’ holds this intriguing natural sculpture, when we go there I take pictures, like a real face, different light gives it personality, and so does my mind as I speak to it on each visit. Cleck on the photo to get a better view of the face.

Hidden face

Hello, tall bluff, deep staring eyes

Rough stone face, hidden in the hollow

I look for as my canoe slides

Silently past in cold clear water.

Hot summer sun on my shoulders.

You guard the deep hole

Where rainbow and brown

Hide under your edge.

I greet you once again.




The prompt for today for Reason 2 Rhyme is to write a mathematical poem. For more information click here to see Karen Nelson’s blog:

Let me say, math is not my long suit! I chose a septet. A poem of seven lines, each line a structure of syllables.

It has been so hot and miserable here, I tried to conjure up a little coolness in this poem.

Winter night

Frozen white flakes fall

Cold wind blasting breaks timber

Under the blankets shuddering sighs

I hate the alarm clock blare

Getting up in the dark

Early morn  Select one particular day in history (the world’s or your personal experience) and write a poem contrasting the same day in the present.

The Dragon’s fiery breath

The phone rings

Breaking the silence

Of the office where I sit

Typing up the afternoon list.

“The president was shot!”

and hangs up.

It rings again, strident

Another voice, message the same.

Confused, I wonder what to do.

I call a teacher, the principal is in a meeting.

Soon, our classes are dismissed

November 22, 1963

Next week,  Thanksgiving

but little giving thanks.

November 22 now never passes

Without memorials, talklking heads, conjectures

Just a  flash of news today,

They won’t let me forget.