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there is companionship on the journey

I have found another Alzheimer’s related blog. https://daditsliam.wordpress.com/

There are many others wandering around in this deadly mist, and many bloggers sharing the journey. Good to know I am not as alone as I often feel!

I’m looking for beacons right now. Things have moved from independence to a cane and sometimes, wheeled walker, from careful of bodily needs to needing to change sheets and mop the bedroom pretty much daily. Maybe they will improve again, maybe not.

My heart aches – a lot. Sharing with family is hard, how much does everone really need to know?

This past week, a doc apppointment. I did not even try to get him to ‘dress’. Just put on some clean pajamas. Words I never expected to say!

This has happened in a matter of weeks. We do have home help, even with that this is a rough road.

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Two years ago
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this week

Yes, we can!

September brings another virtual Alzheimer’s fund raising walk, this one in San DIego County CA. Or anywhere else you might happen to be, from Maine to Mexico.

We have a better team and some extra time to plan. I ask that you consiedr joining the team, or donating if you can.

If you read yesterday’s blog, you understand why I am walking.

Today, I reminded Hubby he needed to change clothes, (he’s worn those pajamas since Thursday). He got out a clean shirt and a pair of camo pants, his usual dressed at home attire. He had to take 3 tries to manage to get his suspenders fixed on the pants.

Seeing the look of bewilderment on his face as he struggled to get it right was hard. The question I am faced with, do I help or advise, or let him be?

Often, if I intrude on his efforts, it triggers anger. Frustration is his constant companion, whether it is dressing, remembering a person, taking his meds, an endless list.

I try to remain quiet, letting him struggle, eventually he gets it right.

THis is a step in his walk, and I hope they find a cure or at least better treatments before he walks into the depths of this disease.

Here is the link to ‘Our Team’, thanks for reading.

Friday, and time for the Fictioneers.  See http://madison-woods.com/index-of-stories/082412-2/  Trying to tell in approximately 100 words, a story about a photo prompt.

This weeks prompt was provided by fellow Fictioneer, Maggie Duncan.

Souls Adrift

You stepped out of that valley this morning.

Away from the fog,

Up here, on the hill where you can see the distance.

Across the dim and hidden hollows.

For a time, you knew.

You held your cup and we talked.

Then you floated back into that mist.

Drifting away, and you’re gone!

I don’t know what is worse,

Moments like that or locked up world of Alzheimer’s Disease,

Somewhere adrift in the thick, thick fog.

Dragging you into a twilight world I cannot enter

I can only watch and cry!