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Barn in Shannon County MO. This is in a Mennonite community.

The one below one was taken in an Amish community near Seymour MO.

I wondered about the projections on top, and did a bit of research. They are called cupolas, put there for added ventilation.

Back when hay was stored in barn lofts, spontaneous combustion was a dire threat to farmers. The cupola helped prevent the buildup of heat in drying hay.

Ladies day 3 Cabool, Seymour, Mansfield EAGLES 054cupola

Leslie Gould wins again! 5 star read!

Leslie Gould’ newest book, “Becoming Bea” is a winner!becoming bea

Bea Zook has been leading a sheltered life, she’s a happy homebody. When faced with leaving her beloved Lancaster County home for Montana, she takes a wild step, getting a job as a mother’s helper to a family with triplets!

The only problem, she will  have be around Ben Rupp, the one man who can really set her on edge with his teasing and attentions.

Will they be able to work it out?

I loved this story! Gould’s “Bea” reminds me a lot of myself, as I watch her gain self-confidence and independence.

The story is well paced and keeps the reader wanting to know ‘what next’.

The dream machine

I like to sew, and someday would like to own my ‘dream machine’. No, it is not top of the line in technology! It is one like I learned to sew on back in the 1950’s.
An old Singer treadle machine.
Spring has arrived and it is the beginning of auction season. We were at one today, there was an older model treadle machine in the sale.
I looked it over and drooled a bit. Even though some parts were missing the machine itself was in working order, and I am sure the bobbin, bobbin case and other parts could be obtained somewhere.
These are in demand I know and I also wondered what had happened to two others that had been converted to tables on top of the metal treadle frame.
I stepped back to watch after the price went beyond my budget, this machine sold for over $400! It was not meant for me this time. Maybe someday, who knows?
Ayoung Amish man, accompanied by four small boys bought it. That makes sense, since they do not use electricity.
I hope his wife gets it fixed and gets many more years of use from it.
montauk auction 001

One ARC copy of Goodbye to Yesterday by Wanda Brunstetter.
Meredith and her husband are facing big changes. He is going to another state to learn a new trade, in hopes of coming home to Bird-in-hand and starting his own business.
It is an Amish story.
To Enter:
Post a comment about a decision that made a difference in your life.
A winner will be chosen January 23.

The giveaway for August will be a wall quilt, approximately 35 inches by 35 inches in this star pattern. This one was made last week by my Grandson Brett. It was easy and really looks good. I have enough fabric to make another.

The pattern is featured in The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club book by Wanda Brunstetter. WHich, by the way is  a really good story.

It will be made by me, out of 100 % cotton fabrics and machine quilted.

How to enter: Post a comment, tell me WHY you need a wall quilt. Or, if you have read the book, tell me your favorite chaaracter and a bit about why you chose that person.

Leave your e-mail contact address.

Brett will choose a random winner on August 24th.

Simple as that, it really is!

Eight year old Grace Miller does not speak. It is up to her new teacher, Miriam King to find the reason and help Grace find her voice.

Grace’s widowed father, Gabe, seems to oppose Miriam’s efforts as well as efforts of his new community to assist him in rehabilitating the derelict farm he has purchased.

When Grace is lost in a snow storm, Gabe realizes that he has to accept help, from the community and from Miriam.  In doing so, he finds himself doing battle against a real estate tycoon who is trying to cash in on the local Amish community.

I found this an enjoyable book. It shows some of the every day situations facing the Amish in our ‘English’ world in a sympathetic and realistic way. I felt a kinship to the main characters as they overcame obstacles and found reasons to ‘keep their faith’ in a changing world.

I would give this book 4 stars and recommend it to anyone wishing to know more about Amish life in the Old Order community.


The Wings of Morning by Murray Pura *****

Murray Pura had me from the moment the plane came out of the sky to land in an Amish farm field!  Pura’s characters are believable and real. The plot is well thought and makes you think ‘this may not be fiction’.

It’s 1917, and the Amish have not decided to reject planes and pilots, Jude is able to fly and he does. unfortunately he flies too well and is soon imprisoned at an Army base along with other ‘conscientious objectors’ from his home in Paradise PA.

All he wants is to do is serve the Lord and marry his sweetheart Lyyndaya, but there are other plans for his life, and hers.

Jude makes a surprising choice, with an even more surprising outcome.

Lyyndaya, finding herself compelled to do ‘something to help’, begins nursing victims of the Spanish flu epidemic, first at home and then in Philasdelphia.

The twists and turns of their story are as exciting and interesting as Jude’s arobatic flying.

Will Jude and Lynndaya find happiness?

Honestly, this was a book I could not stop reading and I give it 5 stars. This is the first book I have read by this author, it will not be the last!




Yesterday afternoon, a group of ladies, including myself, got together at a neighbor’s house. Our ‘Goal’ was to transform several half bushel boxes of lovely fresh peaches into ‘winter food’.                                                        

Swathed in aprons, armed with knives, we began.

Peeling, pitting, packing, chatter, comfort, camaraderie.

Gather round the table, meet friends old and new.

Bowls quickly fill and empty.

So we shared a ‘frolic’, good company, and a good outcome.

This activity will be repeated through the summer, not always with peaches, nor at the same house.

As Gram used to say, “Many hands make light work”.  I believe she was right.


When you see a sign like this, just slow down. Prepare to take a step back about 100 years.

Watch for signs, “Harness Shop”, “Hand made Quilts”, “Fresh Eggs”, Hand Made Wood working” hanging along the road.

In the fifth book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery series, to be released in July 2012 by Zondervan Publishing,  Amy Clipston lets us look at the changing events of Katie Kauffman’s life. Imagine, just imagine. Your best friends Lindsay and Lizzie Anne have found love, making plans for their futures and here you are left out!     After years of close friendship, the girls are moving apart. Katie is feeling hurt and alone.

None of the boys in her Amish community hold any attraction for her.

Katie finds herself attracted to Jake, a young Mennonite man who works as a carpenter in her grandfather’s business.  Jake saves her when she is attacked by some young English rowdys and their feelings turn from friendship to much more.

When Katie’s father, a very strict man, discovers they care for one another, he forbids the relationship, and Katie rebels. The relationship is further complicated when Lindsay’s sister, Jessica, returns to visit at Christmas, hoping to rebuild her broken relationship with Jake.

How will Jake choose? Is his love for Katie strong enough to give her up?

Soon Katie is left with few remaining choices, will she choose family and her Amish community without Jake, will her father  send her away or is there some way to cross the wide gap and find happiness?

Also included are some recipes that I am looking forward to trying.

I highly recommend this book. If you like Amish fiction, I am sure you will enjoy it!