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From the Sunrise Ridge Kitchen, one half pint jar of mixed berry jam or blackberry jelly – winners choice!

The mixed berry contains strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, pectin and real sugar.

The blackberry jelly has been strained, no seeds, and contains berries I picked this year, pectin and yes, real sugar.

Done up in nice approved jelly jars with the proper two piece sealing lids.

To enter:  leave a comment, what will you do with a jar of homemade jam/jelly? Slap it on a biscuit, fill a donut, put it on ice cream? I don’t have a problem with any of those , and I bet you have some other ideas too.  I’ll tell you the mixed berry is really good on ice cream!

I know this is quick, but I will have to pick a winner on Thursday, December 6 at noon, to ensure that it will get to you before Christmas.

Let the fun begin!

Wow, it’s crazy out there! Things are growing fast and ripening ahead of schedule this year! Simple pleasure, enjoying the outdoor bounty in the fields and local woodlands.

Been picking black and blue berries, bagging them up and tossing them in the freezer almost every day.  some of course, also find their way into canning jars on shelves in ‘the back room.

Jelly, cobblers, muffins to come… I do love this time of year, don’t you?

An added bonus too, when you get to enjoy something like this while you are out there

Feel free to grab a bucket, swipe on some sassafrass to repel the bugs and join us on Sunrise Ridge, for all the grandness and some fine wild food.

You’re welcome here.

The prompt for today’s photoaday challenge is ‘fruit’. Of course there is no fresh fruit around here this morning, sadly.

That is no reason to think I can’t do it, I got out some canned fruit and took some pics of that, blackberries, peaches and blueberries from past harvests. Jars of summers bounty.

While I was at it, I thought about all the pleasure of picking and canning it. Not only that, I promised myself  (and Hubby) that some of these beauties would become a nice dessert today.  Looks like blackberry cobbler is in our future.

Then, I realized the plum trees in the yard are starting to come out, promising fruit for this year, if the weather continues to be mild.