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I walk into the kitchen for more coffee.
Hubby greets me with “It’s 2 below right now.”
“And you think I want to know that?” is my reply.

And it doesn’t really matter, the weather is something we have and can only accept.

Outside my window, sunshine, a few clouds zip across the bright blue sky in the wind.

Cardinals fluffed out to keep warm, stick close to the feeder and preen a bit in the sun.

I think, I can choose to grumble about the cold, or enjoy what is given to me outside that window.

I am warm, cozy and being treated to a lovely view. Things to be happy about, many do not have even this simple pleasure.

The mail brings catalogs of garden seed, poultry and crafts to contemplate over the coming days. Winter will pass.

Daylight arrives a bit earlier and lingers longer, Spring will come , it always does. All is well!

Be prepared to get up early. You have to be in the woods before daylight. Even at the early hour we left, we found other hunters along the road.

Expect surprises. The turkey will not be where you are. Maybe a mile away…across a valley. Eau de skunk wafted by on the breeze,  only a few times, but it was not pleasant!

Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise.  A log to sit on will work just fine.  Remember that a ‘red sky in the morning is a rain warning’. Yes it is! We had some showers.

I don’t hunt turkey! I like to go out, enjoy Hubby’s company, the coffee and the grandeur of the sunrise.  I stay at the truck with the camera and other toys, while he wanders off through the tangles of underbrush.

Once again, the gobbler outwitted the hunter, so maybe with another week to go I will get out there again.

This prompt might have been better earlier this week when the house was filled with people, dogs, multiple electronic devices…

The last ‘extra’ person and dog left a while ago, the house is pretty quiet, only the mechanical sounds of washer, dryer, refrigerator and TV break the silence right now.

I miss the commotion already!

Earlier, the silly rooster voiced a greeting to the day, letting us all know it was time to get going.  He always has to cheer on the sunrise!I thought about it for a bit, deciding ‘that’s not really ‘LOUD’ enough and remembered that recently we had taken some other photos of a local sawmill… which I posted originally here in February https://oldentimes.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/its-not-at-all-high-tech/

The loader clanked and rumbled, the big diesel motor chugged away as the sawblade shrieked through the logs going through the mill. Yes that was LOUD!  Loud enough to satisfy the prompt, and surely loud enough to make my ears tingle the rest of the day!

Today’s prompt was ‘neighborhood’. Living at the end of the road, far in the country, I had a time thinking what would portray my neighborhood to someone.

I have no ‘neighbors’ in the sense most people understand.  I do have them, and they are good ones, but not really close by. Often times, the school bus occupants and mail lady as they pass, are the only people I see all day besides Hubby.

For the most part, my neighborhood is what is close around me, changing throughout the seasons, wildlife, nature, the garden, the old barn.

I could not interpret it in one single picture, so I took several, new and from my files and made a collage that depicts ‘my neighborhood’, at least in my own mind. Day or night, through all the seasons of the year, my neighborhood holds beauty and blessings, a special moment is there anytime I open my door.

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this fellow was up early (2:30 AM) this morning