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Yesterday, my sister and I went down some old dirt roads together.

One stop took me back some 50+ years, as we found and photographed a house much like my in-laws when Hubby and I first wed. That house had no electricity, no water running from a tap. It held respect, knowledge and caring people, for which I am forever grateful.

out withBJ for the day 027pro.

All this picture needs is me and Granny,sitting on the porch, enjoying the summer afternoon. Feeling the breeze, listening to cicadas and birds sing, a glass of cold well water in hand. Knowing a ‘canning’ of green beans, one of tomatoes, and a batch of pickles are sealing in the kitchen. The wood stove is cooling down, dishes done up, floor is swept…nothing to do for an hour or two, until supper. At peace with the world.

no regrets

no regrets

great white heron on Current River

Sitting here inside, looking out my window. The only signs of spring I see are colorful birds flocking to feed. Sunrise Ridge is covered in icy sleet about 3 inches deep.
Only a week ago, temperatures were in the 50 and 60 degree range. Some outdoor chores were done.
We separated some plants off the ‘mother’ blueberry bush and got them in new spots. Well mulched, hope they survived the weekend storm.
One of the ‘babies’ didn’t have much root, so I brought it in and stuck it in a bucket of water in a south window. Roots are filling the bucket and this morning discovered tiny green leaves coming out. Yes, there is hope!
It has been a long winter, and the return of robins, green growing things even inside) and sunshine is a blessing.
In the not far away future, the snow and ice will go away, as it has for millions of years.
Today, I rejoice in that fact!

Baby bluebirds
>blufbird 016 fledgling 2</a

Plenty of work for Dad to bring home enough groceries

jay in the peach tree 025 Mr. Blue brings food

Hubby and I spent a couple of days this week discussing planting the garden and the timing to do so.
I spent some time going over records and photos from ‘this time last year’ amazed by the way things were ‘bloomed out’ cimpared to what we are seeing this spring.

the bluebirds are hiding out today

the bluebirds are hiding out today

Waking up this morning to look out at a good coating of snow frosting the ground and trees, was a bit of a disappointment.
It isn’t over yet, no matter what, eventually spring will arrive – won’t it?

We have had some ‘interesting times’ with chickens here on Sunrise Ridge.
Recently, we discovered a few that were gifted in the ability to fly.
Yesterday, Hubby and I were outside visiting with the pastor from the church I attend.
We heard an odd noise and turning around noticed a hen, scratching, and singing a welcome to the sunny spring day up on top of the chicken house roof. She had flown up there, about 9 feet above ground level.
Further investigation proved that this was not the first time, as there was a nest with 20 eggs, well hidden in fallen leaves.
The eggs were gathered and chicken wings have been clipped.
I can’t help but wonder what might have happened is she had set and hatched a bunch of chicks up there.

New Tenants

The bluebirds are arriving

The bluebirds are arriving

Today, I noted the arrival of the first eastern bluebirds to Sunrise Ridge this year.
Early on, I could hear the male calling to inform others that he was staking his territory as he f9litted through the bare branches outside the window.
A bit later, Hubby and I were outside and we caught sight of a prospective new tenant checking the nest box on the pine tree.
We will be watching to see what happens.
For more information about bluebirds, please click on the link:

pups, cardinal 005a
Looking out my kitchen window I was treated to this posing cardinal.
The dirty window and the screen kind of detracted from picture quality, but I still wanted to share it.

Or so my Irish ancestors would have described it.
Fog, so thick it can be sliced, slipped in early on a warm current of southern air, showers have dusted the bare trees with jewel drops of fresh moisture. Yes, it softened the edges of the buildings and the stark roughness of the tree branches outside the window. A lovely and apt descrioption of this sort of day.
I can’t say it has bothered the chickens as you may note from the prescence of the rooster in this picture.
soft day 002a

Soft, in more ways than one. Yesterday I had some dental surgery, and part of allowing things to heal means ‘soft’ food, at least for today. I did the hot cereal, yougurt and soup routine… somehow far from satisfying or filling.
Finally, I decided to make some macaroni and cheese, well laced with chunky hot salsa and ham salad.
Both were awarded Hubby’s ‘2 platefull seal of approval’, and I feel much better for consuming it.
While I did not use the traditional passed down family recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese like I might have on another day, it turned out well.
The mac and cheese was a ‘cheater’ mode, made from a box out of the pantry, ( I do try to keep things like that on hand) just adding a third cup of salsa and mixing it well.
Ham salad was from the last of the Christmas ham, thawed, chopped in the blender with some onion, pickles and salad dressing.
Nothing fancy, but a lot more filling than another cup of soup.

As I was out walking around the place a few days ago, down behing the pond and over the hump behind the foodplot, I came across a good sized cedar tree.

It was decorated with the vibrant red and dusty olive of a flock of cardinals.  My presence nearby did not bother them and I was able to watch for some time as they flitted amongst the boughs.

Such a joy!

No, I did not have my camera along, so I will share a different photo of a winter cardinal.

Taken a few years back after an ice storm moved across Sunrise Ridge. Our power was out and this little fellow seemed to bring with him the promise of ‘better days ahead’.

cardinal in iceA