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It has been a long week on Sunrise Ridge. Epic cold and snow deep and fluffy has kept me inside for the most part.

Oh, there has been plenty to ‘do’, but at some point cabin fever sets in.

Then there was, picking at the back of my mind this coming Monday,  Chrysta’s birthday.  Yesterday, while prepping for more unpleasant weather, I had an idea. That idea led to posting this request on social media:

‘Throwing this out there. In November, daughter Chrysta passed away. She was a loving caring woman, filled with compassion.
Monday would be her birthday.
In her memory, I challenge all of my friends to ‘pay it forward’.
Do a random act of kindness for someone this weekend.
Feel free to share your blessings.’

Grandson Brett and I are making cookies for him to share at the Sheltered Workshop where he is employed.

Someone is donating blood, another made soup and shared with a neighbor… many great ideas.

I know Monday still looms in the future, no doubt there will be tears, but the idea that we are celebrating a life well lived doing things she would do is comforting.

Feel free to join this birthday party and share your blessings with someone and in a comment here.

If you counted the presents for my birthday, or what was wrapped up under the tree, it looked pretty meager.
If you count the well wishes, cards and calls, the family time, the home made food and cake, it’s a whole different story!
Hubby kidnapped me one day last week for an adventure with the camera. Hiking through snow near Current River, watching wildlife and exploring old buildings. A picnic lunch and ‘time’ to rnjoy the world of winter together.
No, no one took me out to eat, son-in-law made lasagna and the grandkids made a cake.
birthday 006
Family time, visiting, playing checkers and mancala, sharing thoughts, ideas, laughter, plans and love.
No one got me anything fancy or expensive, but I was very pleased to get craft supplies that will be used and are a pay it forward. More than likely someone else will end up with the things that will be made from them.
I did not make a Christmas dinner, we gathered for a pot of chili on Christmas eve, and enjoyed a dinner made by our daughter and grand daughter on Christmas day.
I don’t need a lot of ‘things’ anymore. I can count my blessings, be grateful for what I have and be very content with it. I am blessed and life for us on Sunrise Ridge is good.

As you might know, I read a lot of other blogs. This particular one by author Ann H. Gabhart, features some things close to my heart. My daughter Tara and St. Jude Hospital. Here is a little tease:
“But before we head out on a new trail, we’ve got a few more birthday noise makers to blow and one more story to share.

Did you ever have your own bicycle? I didn’t. I had a hand me down that needed tires, my inspiration for Jocie’s old bike in Scent of Lilacs. Tara left this story in a comment on a post here, but I wanted to share it again.

“My best birthday memory. As a second child I spent a lot of time in hand me downs. Clothes, shoes, bicycles. My older sister had a very different style than I did, so her old blue bicycle with a banana seat was not my favorite. Every trip to town for groceries would see me at the Western Auto adjacent to the grocery store, riding around and around a little yellow BMX bike. Every year, I participated in (and rocked!) the St Judes Bike-a-thon in our tiny, tiny town and I wanted nothing more than to NEVER have to ride that hand me down blue bike again to do so. I have NO idea how many miles I logged on that little yellow bike just riding up and down the aisles until Mom was done at the grocery store.”
I would love it if you go over to Ann’s blog and read the whole story.

You might like to check out some of Ann’s books and her knowledge of the Shaker religion while you visit there too.

I would like to point out, Tara might have preferred to use her motorcycle to log St. Jude miles as the years progressed, but that yellow BMX covered many, nt just for St.Jude, it was well known on the byways around Sunrise Ridge for several years.

A few years ago, when one of the grandsons turned 16, I gave us both a present.
It was “Fan Appreciation Day” at our local dirt race track. Several ‘big name’ NASCAR personalities were going to be there and because we both enjoy the sport I felt a need to take us out for the night.
This only required a bit of doing, changing my work schedule and promising to take a lot of pictures for those who stayed behind to fill in for me… pictures of cars, stars and night racing under the lights.
The young man and I got there early and I paid for pit passes, so we could get up close and personal with the drivers.
or me it was a spectacular evening, but even more for the grandson, who was recruited by one of the smaller local teams to help out on the pit crew.
I know he remembers it well, his birthday is coming up and he mentioned that the other night as one of the best birthday gifts he ever had.

In case the Mayans were wrong, I have a birthday coming this Saturday. It is one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays, or maybe more properly a mill stone birthday.

One of those that make a lot of folks concerned, with things they haven’t done, or would like to do with what time is left to them. This one does not bother me, although I had some trepidation as the bio-clock ticked past 30 and then over 50 a few years ago.

Do you have a bucket list? Things you want to do, see, accomplish? I never had one, and do not plan on it. My life is filled with good things, love, family, friends and enough to make me content.  I really do not need ‘more’ of anything that I can think of.

I am looking at what is left with curiosity and wonder, faith that will get me on to the next step.

Birthdays at Christmas time, tend to get lost in the shuffle of festivities, so I learned years ago that they are not really a big deal.