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Sitting here inside, looking out my window. The only signs of spring I see are colorful birds flocking to feed. Sunrise Ridge is covered in icy sleet about 3 inches deep.
Only a week ago, temperatures were in the 50 and 60 degree range. Some outdoor chores were done.
We separated some plants off the ‘mother’ blueberry bush and got them in new spots. Well mulched, hope they survived the weekend storm.
One of the ‘babies’ didn’t have much root, so I brought it in and stuck it in a bucket of water in a south window. Roots are filling the bucket and this morning discovered tiny green leaves coming out. Yes, there is hope!
It has been a long winter, and the return of robins, green growing things even inside) and sunshine is a blessing.
In the not far away future, the snow and ice will go away, as it has for millions of years.
Today, I rejoice in that fact!

From the Sunrise Ridge Kitchen, one half pint jar of mixed berry jam or blackberry jelly – winners choice!

The mixed berry contains strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, pectin and real sugar.

The blackberry jelly has been strained, no seeds, and contains berries I picked this year, pectin and yes, real sugar.

Done up in nice approved jelly jars with the proper two piece sealing lids.

To enter:  leave a comment, what will you do with a jar of homemade jam/jelly? Slap it on a biscuit, fill a donut, put it on ice cream? I don’t have a problem with any of those , and I bet you have some other ideas too.  I’ll tell you the mixed berry is really good on ice cream!

I know this is quick, but I will have to pick a winner on Thursday, December 6 at noon, to ensure that it will get to you before Christmas.

Let the fun begin!

Here is how we make Easy Fried pies:  1/4 cup butter, (margarine, Crisco) 1 cup all purpose flour, 3 Tblsp hot milk, 1 egg yolk. BZlend together as any pie crust.  Roll out small portions of dough to about the size of a saucer. place 2=3 Tblsp pie filling near center or circle and fold over. Seal edges well. Fry in deep fat  (300 degrees) until golden brown. Glaze while still warm if desired with a thin powdered sugar glaze. The recipe is about right for one can of pie filling.

Grandson Brett helped make these delicious blueberry fried pies. Hubby and other guests applauded and asked for ‘more.’ That is why there are only four in the picture. I think that proves they are delicious.