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Hannah Reed’s new series is off to a fine start with Off-Kilter.

Scotland has its lochs, heather, sheep and beautiful landscapes. It is also home to the small town of Glenkillen.

Aspiring romance author, Eden Elliot, arrives for a research and writing trip and finds herself wrapped tightly in the tartan of a murder mystery.

A fellow American she met on the plane, Vicki MacBride, seems to be the focus of the investigation. It seems her father has left everything in her name, even though her younger half siblings have kept the farm and family business going. Hard feelings accusations and mysterious happenings point inspector Jamison and his assistant back to Vicki at every crossroad.

Eden is convinced Vicki is innocent, but can she prove it?

Well worth reading, I give it 4+ stars.

If you are not familiar with Hannah Reed’s cozy mystery series about beekeeper Story Fisher, I suggest you make a bee line to get it and read a honey of a tale.
OK, puns aside.
Reed take the reader through a twisting maze of clues and suspects to find who committed murder. The victim is found on her estranged brothers farm. Is he the obvious suspect? The local law enforcement thinks so.
Story finds herself believing otherwise, getting herself and friends involved in some very strange events.
Honestly, I could not figure this one out, right up to the end!
I was given his book by the author to read and post an honest opinion. It’s well worth reading, 4+ stars. An enjoyable read and some tasty recipes included at the end.

If you are looking for a well paced, character driven novel, Lynn Austin’s Return to Me has just what you want!
This book is not like reading, it is seeing a movie in your mind of the Jews return from Babylon and early efforts to start rebuilding the temple.
Austin brings her characters and their complexity to life, Iddo and Zechariah, faith filled men on a mission, Lael, the young and confused girl, Dinah the unhappy matriarch work through everyday trials and confusions as God works in their lives.
Totally fascinating and highly recommended!

It’s not your ‘everyday’ romance! Mary Connealy takes a story line and moves it along like the avalanche that begins this tale of suspicion, intrigue and mystery in post Civil-War Texas.

Following Dr. Dare Riker and the young widow, Glynna Greer through the maze of questions and surprising answers in a search for truth with a spice of romance thrown in.
Can the would be assassin really be Glynna’s son?

I give this book 4.5 stars and would recommend it to my lady friends and those gents I know who enjoy a good western tale as well.
I received this book free to read and give an honest opinion.

Years ago, I learned this adage: If you don’t feel close to God, who moved? Can a cat, sent by God, help bring people back into God’s grace and appreciate His mercy?

In ‘The Cat That God Sent’, author Jim Kraus brings Petey, a stray cat, into the lives of the Church of the Open Door in the small town of Coudersport PA. to help answer that. Pastor Jake Wilkerson, homeless young woman, Tassie, Dr. Emma, the local vet, Speedy Davis, the local hermit, as well as many others are reached by things that happen, associated with Petey.

Events unfold that bring out the dark secrets in several lives, and proves that God did not move.

The book moves well, keeps the reader interested and ends on a note that made me want a sequel.

I received this book free from Abingdon Press to read and provide an honest personal review. I chose to give it 5 stars and would recommend it to others.

I struggled through the beginning of this book. Some of the ideas and possibilities seemed just a bit much to begin with, not at all what I have come to expect in the “Amish Romance” genre. Had we not had an ice storm going on, I might not have finished the book. That would have been my loss.

Soon however, I was totally enthralled with Barbara Cameron’s plot and how visiting Engischer Chris Matlock’s past was changing people’s futures.

There is a budding romance between ex- soldier, Chris and Amish Hannah, but the story really hinges on the vendetta of another soldier who believes Chris by testifying against him for a crime has ruined his life.

Things begin to happen to the Amish in the community, a barn is burned, a driving horsse poisoned… and things are set up to point to Chris.

Can Chris and Hannah grow their relationship? Will others be hurt?

I’m very glad I did not put this down after the first few chapters, I would have missed a fine story.

The book is available in e-reader formats and as a traditional book from many sources.

Everyone has a battle, a massive Goliath to fight in life, it can be as simple as providing food for the family, complex as a broken relationship, or as big as fighting a terminal illness.
Bo Stern and her family are fighting one. Her husband has been diagnosed with ALS. In the opening chapters, Stern treats her own feelings, fear, despair, fright as she comes to grips with this Goliath in her family’s life.
As Bo Stern takes us through God’s leading in her life in this Bible study, I see many parallels along my own journey.

I personally have always believed that God will always provide, and Beautiful Battlefields published by NavPress http://www.navpress.com/product/9781612913193/Beautiful-Battlefields-Bo-Stern certainly reinforces that concept!
While we may never understand the ‘why’ of our battles, following this Bible study will give the reader a deeper insight into ‘where’ we are being led in adversity and just ‘how’ God expects us to get there.
His provision and guidance are the key, our acceptance is the lock that must be opened to find His fulfilling love.
As I read this, thinking about some of the things going on in my life and in the lives of others I care about, I was convinced that I needed to recommend this book and study to our pastor.
I know that I will be returning to Beautiful Battlefields again and again as I finish my journey through life. There will always be a Goliath to be conquered, a battle to be fought as God tries us in the fires to bring us closer to Him.
I received this book for review purposes, the opinion given here is my own. 5 stars

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer has taken an old plot and given it a new personality. Published by Tyndale, Brandmeyer’s new book, “Mind of her Own”, almost makes amnesia sound like it could be fun.

Louisa Copeland is a ‘perfect’ wife for lawyer Collin, despite three young children, their home is spotless, the car pool is run, dinner is ready when/if he arrives home. Something is missing, maybe her life is too perfect and too bland, she certainly feels lost. What is the secret she is hiding?

When an accident sends her to the hospital, unconcious, it is not Louisa who wakes up, but the vivacious Jazz Sweet, best selling romance author. Nothing like Louisa, nothing at all!

Jazz enters the Copeland home as a guest, convinced that at least she can do research for a new book, but as days pass and she looks for herself, she must accept the fact that “Jazz Sweet’ doesn’t really exist and Louisa Copeland is hiding somewhere inside.

Collin finds a stash of Louisa’s journals hidden in a closet and as he begins to read, hoping to help Louisa regain her memory, discovers some hurtful truths about his marriage and family life and who Jazz Sweet really is.

Now both of them are on a quest to bring Louisa back, but keep some of Jazz in the picture.

All this leads up to an ending that brings the memories back, leading to surprising results for Collin, Louisa/Jazz and their entire family.

I give this book 5 stars

The citizens of the small Mennonite community of Kingdom, Kansas are being plagued. Fear is growing.
After receiving a warning to be ‘careful’, quilt shop owner, Hope Kauffman is run off the road. Shaken and scared, she is relieved when neighbor Jonathon Wiese arrives on the scene in his truck to help her home.
Her attraction to Jonathon grows and she begins to question her engagement to pacifist Ebbie Miller.
Jonathon is trying to promote the church elders into taking a stand.
When a member ofthe community is murdered and buildings set on fire, people begin to wonder why the local sheriff keeps finding excuses that all these happenings are accidental.
Is it someone outside the community, or one of their own?
How do the Mennonites choose to protect themselves, will they depend on God’s promises, or take matters into their own hands?
This is a good read, with a touch of romance, plenty of mysterious happeings and a surprising ending.
Nancy Mehl’s characters ring true, the story keeps you on edge all the way.
Bethany House Publishing http://bakerpublishinggroup.com/bethanyhouse provided me with a copy of this book for review purposes. The opinion provided is strictly my own.
I give this book 4 1/2 stars and will be looking for more of Nancy Mehl’s books in the future.

Natalie Marino, best selling Christain marriage advise author, is met by husband Tony, asking for a divorce.
Her sister, Lindsay, is a single mother to be. Her boyfriend Ben, wants her, but not a baby.
The sisters are on a road trip, home to Illinois see their mother before she slips farther into the deep valleys of Alzheimers.
I lived for a while quite near the ‘Mother Road’ and it’s appeal to me was once again piqued by this book.
I enjoyed the awakenings of the characters, the trials and triumphs as they traveled together and grew as adults.
5 stars!