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If you are not familiar with Hannah Reed’s cozy mystery series about beekeeper Story Fisher, I suggest you make a bee line to get it and read a honey of a tale.
OK, puns aside.
Reed take the reader through a twisting maze of clues and suspects to find who committed murder. The victim is found on her estranged brothers farm. Is he the obvious suspect? The local law enforcement thinks so.
Story finds herself believing otherwise, getting herself and friends involved in some very strange events.
Honestly, I could not figure this one out, right up to the end!
I was given his book by the author to read and post an honest opinion. It’s well worth reading, 4+ stars. An enjoyable read and some tasty recipes included at the end.

It’s not your ‘everyday’ romance! Mary Connealy takes a story line and moves it along like the avalanche that begins this tale of suspicion, intrigue and mystery in post Civil-War Texas.

Following Dr. Dare Riker and the young widow, Glynna Greer through the maze of questions and surprising answers in a search for truth with a spice of romance thrown in.
Can the would be assassin really be Glynna’s son?

I give this book 4.5 stars and would recommend it to my lady friends and those gents I know who enjoy a good western tale as well.
I received this book free to read and give an honest opinion.

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Truly a life changing, must-read book!

I struggled through the beginning of this book. Some of the ideas and possibilities seemed just a bit much to begin with, not at all what I have come to expect in the “Amish Romance” genre. Had we not had an ice storm going on, I might not have finished the book. That would have been my loss.

Soon however, I was totally enthralled with Barbara Cameron’s plot and how visiting Engischer Chris Matlock’s past was changing people’s futures.

There is a budding romance between ex- soldier, Chris and Amish Hannah, but the story really hinges on the vendetta of another soldier who believes Chris by testifying against him for a crime has ruined his life.

Things begin to happen to the Amish in the community, a barn is burned, a driving horsse poisoned… and things are set up to point to Chris.

Can Chris and Hannah grow their relationship? Will others be hurt?

I’m very glad I did not put this down after the first few chapters, I would have missed a fine story.

The book is available in e-reader formats and as a traditional book from many sources.

I love the early mornings. The kitchen is my spot, cup and Bible close at hand.
Sitting in the quiet darkness, my only companions the dogs, my coffee, time for meditation, prayers and then computer time.
This morning, as I sipped my caffinated drink, waiting for sunrise I could hear geese flying over and a symphony of owls.
The geese seem to be heading north, perhaps better predictors of spring arriving than the resident rodent of Pennsylvania.
The owls, I’m not sure if they are in an amorous mood, or telling one another about the nights hunting efforts. Whichever it might be, I enjoy hearing them sing to me.
The haunting soudns reach me, make me feel safe.
Of course, I must admit, I am looking forward to hearing the peep frogs and whip-poor-wills to begin the harmony of spring and summertime.

One ARC copy of Goodbye to Yesterday by Wanda Brunstetter.
Meredith and her husband are facing big changes. He is going to another state to learn a new trade, in hopes of coming home to Bird-in-hand and starting his own business.
It is an Amish story.
To Enter:
Post a comment about a decision that made a difference in your life.
A winner will be chosen January 23.

Kathy Fuller is an author and a friend. Today is her birthday and I have had the recent pleasure of reading one of her books.

No one asked me to read this to review and the opinons stated are my own.

Faithful to Laura  is book two in the Middlefield Family series.

Young, Amish and angry, Laura Stutzman has been disfigured by flying glass! The man she loved, Mark King,  betrayed her and started a fire, hoping to kill Laura in the blaze. She leaves her home in Tennessee for Middlefield, Ohio to try to regain her life and find work to pay off the debt left when her love stole her parent’s life savings.

She finds a job at a furniture store as an office worker and begins her battle, to overcome her feelings of worthlessness and fear.

There she meets Sawyer Thompson, adopted into an Amish family, but has not joined the Amish. He too fights a battle, he was abandoned as a child after the death of his parents, mistreated and abused in foster care.

Both have much to overcome and forgive. Complications arise in a budding attraction and Sawyer’s discovery of a grandmother he did not know existed. She wants to take him back to New York and teach him the family business.

The book is filled with interesting scenes, probable possibilities and twists that keep the readier in suspense.

Can Laura and Sawyer find a way to solve their problems? Will Sawyer stay outside the Amish faith, and can Laura reconcile with her need to forgive?

Yes, I sat up to read this and will happily award it 5 stars!


No, I’m not planning on heading back to school! I finished up 5 books since September 1 and thought I might let you all know what I thought about them.

First one up is a cookbook. Yes I ‘read’ cookbooks, almost like I would read a novel.

The Cozy Chicks Kitchen is a book compiling recipes from several authors of ‘cozy’ books.  Featured are favorite recipes of authors Ellery Adams, Deb Baker, Lorraine Bartlett., Kate Collins, Maggie Sefton, Leann Sweeney and Heather Webber as well as recipes from some of their books.

I enjoy reading their books and was awarded the book recently. It’s available as an ebook and in hardcopy.

Personaly I have tried some of the recipes and recommend Kate Collins’ Baked Crispy Potatoes, and her Meatloaf,  where cinnamon takes a spot as a surprise ingredient in a very tasty take on a standard comfort food. Lorraine Bartlett provides a great recipe for Apple fritters in a 2-3 serving size, just right for those who have become ’empty nesters’ with the arrival of school this year. And GOOD! They are sure to cheer you up if you have the blues!

Several I have not yet tried but will soon are going on the menu list for testing.

I think the recipes are every bit as good as the books the Cozy Chicks have published!

Let’s give this cookbook a 5 fork rating!

By now many of you know that I enjoy Amish fiction. Leaving Lancaster by Kate Lloyd is one of the best I have ever read!

Samuel and Esther leave their community in their rumpspringa, back in the 1960’s, heading for California, the world of ‘peace, love and happiness’ their immediate goal.  Living the communal lifestyle is not a big change from what they had, but Samuel loses his Concientious Objector draft status and finds himself in Viet Nam.

Esther is going to have a baby. Life spirals out of control and Samuel never comes home.

Esther cannot bear to return, and for some thirty years keeps her Amish heritage from her daughter. until a letter arives telling her of her mothers failing health.

Now she admits to daughter Holly the many lies that have made up her life. The two return to Lancaster County, Esther depressed and expecting the worst, Holly full of hope to meet the family she never had.

How will things work out as each must face family members and Ester has to face old friends, some who have forgiven and some who have not?

Leaving Lancaster was a book I could not put down! Hubby had to fend for himself after page one!

Lloyd made her characters real, it situations I could ‘see’ happening.

I am giving this book 5 stars, because it is that good!

I wrote her a message asking if there is a sequel coming out to tie up some lose ends and there is! Pennsylvania Patchwork will be out next summer.

The giveaway for August will be a wall quilt, approximately 35 inches by 35 inches in this star pattern. This one was made last week by my Grandson Brett. It was easy and really looks good. I have enough fabric to make another.

The pattern is featured in The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club book by Wanda Brunstetter. WHich, by the way is  a really good story.

It will be made by me, out of 100 % cotton fabrics and machine quilted.

How to enter: Post a comment, tell me WHY you need a wall quilt. Or, if you have read the book, tell me your favorite chaaracter and a bit about why you chose that person.

Leave your e-mail contact address.

Brett will choose a random winner on August 24th.

Simple as that, it really is!