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there are some things you really regret.

One of those things was the Christmas I was 17. Back then, as most teens, there was an aura of complacency, and not a little feeling of superiority in my being.

An elderly aunt had hand crocheted a large doll for me, looking back and now aware of what time and effort went into that doll, I know it should have meant a lot.

However, as a soon to be adult Senior in High School, I was sorely disappointed in the gift. Not because it was hand made but because it seemed to me she was not seeing me for the grownup that I had become.

The doll was tucked away, out of sight in my parents attic for several years.

I don’t know what ever became of it, but this morning while working on some Christmas craft projects, I remembered the doll and more specifically, how I felt.

I’m really sorry I was not more appreciative at the time.

If you counted the presents for my birthday, or what was wrapped up under the tree, it looked pretty meager.
If you count the well wishes, cards and calls, the family time, the home made food and cake, it’s a whole different story!
Hubby kidnapped me one day last week for an adventure with the camera. Hiking through snow near Current River, watching wildlife and exploring old buildings. A picnic lunch and ‘time’ to rnjoy the world of winter together.
No, no one took me out to eat, son-in-law made lasagna and the grandkids made a cake.
birthday 006
Family time, visiting, playing checkers and mancala, sharing thoughts, ideas, laughter, plans and love.
No one got me anything fancy or expensive, but I was very pleased to get craft supplies that will be used and are a pay it forward. More than likely someone else will end up with the things that will be made from them.
I did not make a Christmas dinner, we gathered for a pot of chili on Christmas eve, and enjoyed a dinner made by our daughter and grand daughter on Christmas day.
I don’t need a lot of ‘things’ anymore. I can count my blessings, be grateful for what I have and be very content with it. I am blessed and life for us on Sunrise Ridge is good.

It isn’t even daylight, the old wood stove is hot

We won’t be serving breakfast, but there’s coffee in the pot

Chickens are a boiling, for dumplings later on.

Granny’s rolling pie crust, on this cold winter dawn.

Turnips are a-simmering in a big pot with their greens

A hunk of ham for flavor.

The scent of yeast dough fills the kitchen

When I turn the dough to bread.

It’s Christmas and the family is waiting to be fed.

The tree is decked in paper,

Odd shapes the kids have cut,

The fragile foil star,

Twinkles in the coal-oil light.

We gather round to share the joy.

It’s Christmas once again.

From the Sunrise Ridge Kitchen, one half pint jar of mixed berry jam or blackberry jelly – winners choice!

The mixed berry contains strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, pectin and real sugar.

The blackberry jelly has been strained, no seeds, and contains berries I picked this year, pectin and yes, real sugar.

Done up in nice approved jelly jars with the proper two piece sealing lids.

To enter:  leave a comment, what will you do with a jar of homemade jam/jelly? Slap it on a biscuit, fill a donut, put it on ice cream? I don’t have a problem with any of those , and I bet you have some other ideas too.  I’ll tell you the mixed berry is really good on ice cream!

I know this is quick, but I will have to pick a winner on Thursday, December 6 at noon, to ensure that it will get to you before Christmas.

Let the fun begin!

Here in my office/sewing room/’useful place to put everything you might need’ is a closet. It rivals that of the famed Fibber Mcgee, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibber_McGee_and_Molly  for content.

I have been threatening to clean it for some time. Last night, grandson, granddaughter and two of the greats came over, they were after some Christmas decorations to use for their first Christmas in their own home.

So I opened the door and began moving boxes…

They left with quite a bit of Christmas decor, including most of my snowman collection, and I am glad to pass it on.


Not all of it, of course, today I will probably put up my “Charlie Brown” tree, dig out the snowmen that have travelled with me for 20+ years and once again prepare to celebrate.

This really cute little Christmas stocking pattern for crochet can be found here: http://jeanariespatterns.blogspot.com/

It makes up in a hurry, even my Arthritic fingers got it done in a couple of hours. I have a basket of ‘scrap’ yarn from various projects and it doesn’t take a lot to make these.

I am working on the fourth one now.

Now I am off to make a couple more. There are some grand and great-grands who might just ‘need’ them!