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I love the early mornings. The kitchen is my spot, cup and Bible close at hand.
Sitting in the quiet darkness, my only companions the dogs, my coffee, time for meditation, prayers and then computer time.
This morning, as I sipped my caffinated drink, waiting for sunrise I could hear geese flying over and a symphony of owls.
The geese seem to be heading north, perhaps better predictors of spring arriving than the resident rodent of Pennsylvania.
The owls, I’m not sure if they are in an amorous mood, or telling one another about the nights hunting efforts. Whichever it might be, I enjoy hearing them sing to me.
The haunting soudns reach me, make me feel safe.
Of course, I must admit, I am looking forward to hearing the peep frogs and whip-poor-wills to begin the harmony of spring and summertime.

The best part of my day is the time I take my coffee out to the porch, meditate, praise the Lord and pray for family, friends and special needs.

All my senses are awake and aware. Listening to and enjoying the glory of God’s  creation and feeling the peace that passeth understanding. The scents carried on the wind, the warmth or coolness that touches my skin, the sight of daylight coming up over Sunrise Ridge. The taste of that first cup of coffee.

Each new day brings its own wonder, its unique moment. its own color and beauty. I take pleasure in this time, casting away cares, making plans for the present, the gift I have been given with the new day.

Red? That is the photoaday prompt. What in my world is RED? Cardinals, Folgers coffee can? Coca Cola? Maple buds, Fire bush blossoms?

All of the above, and a number of other things… so here is my personal choice for today.

This old red granite building has been around as long as I can remember. I have no idea what its original purpose might have been. When I first saw it, the roof was intact, but years of weather and neglect have taken that away.

It sits beside a rural highway, next to a small stream, between Johnson Shut In’s and the town of Ironton.

This area has a lot of red granite, and there are several buildings made of it. Houses, a couple of schools. Small quarrys still bring the rock out of these old mountains, the bedrock of our world.

So, I pay tribute to my heritage with this tough stone. Like these rocks, we can be broken up, reshaped and changed, but old Ozark natives stand strong, hard as the stony land we come from and last a long time.