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airstrip, mayholler, maple trees on B 052

It was a chilly morning, we could see our breath steam out as we traveled in the fields and forest.

Thistles still raise their heads, pink blossoms bright against the fading vegetation.

A solitary heron breaks the blue above the creek.

The maples begin to show their colors at an old deserted house place. Well kept by the hunters who inhabit it twice a year.

Red, gold, orange sentinels line the highway.

Ripples sing a chorus at the beaver pond.

This first day of the year brought along gloomy skies and some showers of sleet. And the gloom has hung on, despite the weatherman promising some sun this afternoon.

For the most part, I have stayed inside, keeping Hubby, Miss Lily and my comfy chair entertained. Snuggling up there with a quilt and alternately reading and knitting just seemed like a good way to spend my time.

I made some heavy inroads in a couple of books, finished one knitting project and started another.

However, no matter what, it seems that food preparation and consumption always has to interrupt my projects.

New Years Day tradition ‘requires’ black-eyed peas in my part of the world, and with them came some ham and scalloped potatoes. A pretty simple and straightforward meal, and it isn’t that hard to put together.

While standing in the kitchen, doing dishes, I got to watch two spectacular woodpeckers doing what looked like some sort of ritual dance around branches in the maple tree. I know they were just hunting food, but the rhythm and grace of their movements was a treat. Not to mention the bright red and black plumage, such a lovely note of color on an otherwise grey day.

So there is my color provided to cheer my spirits as did the blues of the scarf I was working on.

1/1/13 scarf knitting

Dear Blog,

I know, it has been several days since I posted. I do apologize.

Hubby went off with one of his buddies for a few days and that left all the outdoor chores to me. Most of the time that is no problem, I may not do them exactly as he does but it seems that this week was a bit different.

We had a buyer for some beagles, who showed up. Simple matter of going into the big kennel and catching the right two dogs. Well, nothing is ever as simple as it should be in my world. As the buyer and his companion stood outside the kennel, I managed to trip and twist my knee. Lucky for me I did not fall, or I might still be trying to catch beagles running loose here on the ridge.

I resorted to the recliner, ice, elevation and worrying about getting chores done! Two of my good ‘lady friends’ came over that night, and all went well.

The next day, I had help from some relatives and several folks who checked on my welfare. I never think about being here alone, until something silly like this happens and I realize if I can’t get to the phone or computer, there could be a serious problem.

The knee is still a bit swollen and does not want to do a lot of what knees are supposed to, bend, support and aid in walking, but I am thankful it is not worse and that aid was available.

Friday morning, a homeschooler friend, donated her son to stay until Hubby got home. Not only was he a big help, but he and Hubby went rabbit hunting yesterday. It was the boy’s first time out with the dogs and he proudly brought down a rabbit.

Friday was a rough day for Miss Lily, my 11-year-old dog. She got snake bit and has not been feeling too well. It is now Sunday and she has improved somewhat, but is definitely not yet herself.

Along with all that, I have been sitting in the living room, watching the leaves outside change color to grand Autumn hues, reading some of the many books that have piled up over the summer, knitting and listening to raindrops fall. We have had a little over 2 inches of rain this week. I emptied 1.25 from the gauge Friday and there was over .75 in it this morning.

I have been to churchtoday, and am looking forward to a better week ahead.

Thinking there was not much ‘orange’ around the house. There wasn’t other than some fabric in the sewing room and you all know we do not want to go there. Fabric leads to sewing and not picture-taking or blog writing as an immediate end!

Then as I went to the freezer to get out some things that would be needed for meals, I happened to spy the reamins of some 1970’s Tupperware! Yes, there were two pieces left of what once had been a set of covered dishes, handy back in the day for storing a plate of leftovers or packing a non-spill lunch! I wonder what I packed in those days before microwave ovens became common place?

So here they now reside, supporting drainage for my sad African violet and the burgeoning aloe plant.

Still functional after some 30+ years. I guess that really shows MY age!

It really was not lost, it was right here: http://www.nativeamericanstarquilts.net/ and I was happy I found it!

Even happier to find a collection of fabrics in my material wealth that looked pretty good for the project. When I laid out the strips I found the orange was a bit too bright so I changed that color…

Part of it made and lying on the bed to get a perspective.